Online Visits

TakeOut®: Medical Visits via Skype

Skype Visit

ZoomCare TakeOut has affordable pricing and is extremely convenient since you don’t have to leave your home or office to get quality medical services from board-certified ZoomCare providers who specialize in illnesses and injuries. Available weekdays 8am to midnight and weekends 9am to 6pm for individuals 18 years and older in the state of Oregon.

Online Visits

Get complete diagnosis and treatment* for over 27 medical conditions:

Acne Allergies Anxiety
Bladder Infections (female) Bronchitis Cold Sores
Cough Dental Pain Depression
Diarrhea (minor) Eczema Rash Erectile Dysfunction
Headaches (minor) Insomnia Pink Eye
Poison Ivy Rash Psoriasis Rashes
Ringworm Sinusitis Smoking Cessation
Sore Throat Sprains STD Screening
Swimmer’s Ear Upper Respiratory Infections (URI)
Vaginal Infections (minor)

What if my provider recommends a clinic visit after TakeOut?

If you have insurance, you’ll pay your co-pay or deductible for your clinic visit.

If you're a self-pay patient, we will deduct your TakeOut visit cost from the amount you owe for your clinic visit. Please see the pricing page for details on pricing.

How do I get started?

Schedule online or by phone (503 684-8252). Hold your reservation with a credit or debit card.  

Note: To connect with us on Skype**, you must accept the request to add the ZoomCare TakeOut clinic ID to your Skype contact list just before your call. A ZoomCare provider will contact you via Skype at your appointment time.

*ZoomCare TakeOut online visits are available for scheduling in Oregon only at this time.
**Skype is a trademark of Skype Limited. ZoomCare TakeOut is not affiliated, sponsored, authorized or otherwise associated with the Skype group of companies.