Why Men Don’t Like Going to the Doctor—and How ZOOM+Care Can Help

Man talking to a doctor at ZOOM+Care about men's health and Movember.

This article is in celebration of the 2020 Movember campaign. The Movember Foundation helps raise  awareness for testicular and prostate cancer, but also focuses on other aspects of men’s  mental—and overall—well-being. 

Trigger warning: the following content contains information on suicide. If you or someone you know is suicidal, please visit The Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call 1-800-273-TALK.

As much as we hate (read: loathe, abhor) gender stereotypes, there’s one cliché that holds true: Men avoid the doctor like the plague.

Compared with women, self-identified males are half as likely to see a doctor over a two-year time period. Compounding this behavior, they frequently leave prescriptions unfilled and skip their recommended medical screenings. When men wind up in the hospital, it’s more likely to be from severe issues such as pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and diabetes—conditions that could easily be uncovered through routine, preventative care. 

Grimmer still? Compared to women, men die five years sooner, live with more years of bad health, and—according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention—are nearly four times more likely to complete suicide. 

Looking at the data, it’s abundantly clear that men don’t like going to the doctor. (So much, in fact, that 72 percent of them would rather clean a toilet then get a check-up.) The real question is why they hate it.

A 2016 survey commissioned by Orlando Health may hold some answers. According to the results, “I’m too busy” (22%) is the number one excuse men give for skipping the doctor. Other top answers include fear of finding out something that may be wrong (21%), followed by discomfort with specific physical exams, such as prostate checks (18%). 

Our societal view of masculinity may also be to blame.

Traditional gender roles dictate that men be strong and resilient; they’re taught to reject their weaknesses and hide their vulnerability. Pretty much everything about a doctor’s office is in opposition to masculine norms, and because of this, men’s anxieties about seeking care may be intensified. (An idea backed by research conducted at Rutgers University in 2016.)

Mental health concerns are compounded by COVID.

According to research conducted by the Movember organization, the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected men’s mental health.

The survey found that 88% of U.S. men questioned thought it was helpful when people checked in on their mental health. Unfortunately, nearly half of the respondents said no one has asked how they’re coping during COVID-19.

Furthermore, 21% of male respondents said their mental health had worsened compared with before COVID-19. Twenty-seven percent admitted they felt lonely more often than before the outbreak.

While sobering, Movember’s survey is an excellent reminder to ask the men in your life how they’re doing, even if they seem fine on the outside. With so many men isolated and disconnected from their usual support networks, checking in is more critical than ever.

How can ZOOM+Care help close the men’s health gap? 

Convenience is key. 

Sixty-one percent of men say they would be more likely to go to the doctor if it was convenient.  

By offering same-day, no-wait visits (both inside and outside of work hours), we make it easy for people of all genders to get care. Only have 30 minutes on your lunch break? No problem. We can get you in and out with time to spare—and meds in hand. 

Using tech to avoid embarrassment.

Beyond being busy, men often forgo treatment because that they’re embarrassed—or simply reluctant—to talk about their health issues.

Our VideoCare™ and ChatCare™ features let patients connect with a provider without setting foot in a doctor’s office—meaning they’re answering questions privately, rather than confessing uncomfortable secrets in person, in an unfamiliar setting. 

VideoCare™ is the perfect choice for first-time patients, and those seeking treatment for chronic ailments, preventative care, and mental health concerns.

ChatCare™  is great for minor illnesses such as allergic rhinitis, sinus infections, colds, and coughs. 

And because it’s easy to refill prescriptions through ChatCare™ and VideoCare™, both can help address the issue of men skipping their meds, too. 

Stamping out stigma.

Up to 41% of adults forego treatment for mental health concerns due to stigma and fear of discrimination. For men—many of whom have been told to “man up” and “shake it off” their whole lives—accessing mental health resources can be particularly daunting, as it goes against cultural expectations. 

We want to make mental healthcare convenient and judgement-free—for men, and for anyone who is nervous about seeking help. Our philosophy is that mental illness is like any other medical illness—it’s no more shameful than a sore throat or a broken bone. As Dr. Erik Vanderlip, our Chief Medical Officer likes to say, “Just like you’d go to the doctor for a sprained ankle, you can see a Mental Health Care professional for an assessment.”

Integration is essential.

Due to growing demand, there’s been an increase in online health retailers and specialty clinics that focus on men’s health concerns—erectile dysfunction and low testosterone being the most common.  These conditions, however, are typically multifactorial. Psychological causes such as depression—and physical factors such as obesity and diabetes—can mimic the same symptoms. For the best treatment, it’s crucial to obtain a high-quality, comprehensive evaluation. 

At ZOOM+Care, we do it all—conveniently, and with discretion.

Do your part for Movember.

Men are our fathers, sons, partners, friends, uncles, and brothers. Let’s work together to create a cultural shift where they don’t find it difficult (or embarrassing) to seek out medical care. This month and every month, encourage men’s health initiatives, foster healthy discussions, and—most importantly—let the men in your life know that we love them, and that their health matters. 

Don’t postpone your care, dudes. Schedule a same-day, no-wait visit today!