Clinic network with a health plan looks to upend entrenched system

Date: Monday, August 31, 2015
Source: Healthcare Payer News

In the Pacific Northwest, a new kind of health system, "with insurance built in," is trying to validate its primary care model and disrupt a seemingly competitive regional healthcare market.

In Oregon, state insurance regulators took the unusual step this summer of ordering some individual and small business health plans to raise their premiums. Now the standard silver plan on and off exchange for 2016 will range from $271 (from Kaiser Foundation Health Plan) to $389 (from PacificSource Health Plan).

As initially proposed by insurers, Oregon's lowest-priced silver plan would have been $233, in greater Portland, sold by Zoom+, a 9-year-old health clinic network now selling insurance for the first time. It would have been one of the lowest-priced plans in the countrybut will still be among the most unique in its integrated, anti-establishment model.

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