Lund Report Featured Employer: ZOOM+

Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Source: The Lund Report

ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance was built on the promise, "to deliver twice the health, at half the cost and 10 Times the Delight. ZOOM+ represents a new generation of healthcare, a complete system with insurance built in that you control with your phone. One that is not based on sickness, nor even on wellness, but on enhancing human performance. Everyday we get closer to our promise of twice. 1/2. ten." (Dave Sanders CoFounder and CEO)

We're a diverse group of seasoned professionals and youthful idealists committed to delivering exceptional healthcare. We're building the world's first health insurance system that improves human performance, and we're looking for people to help. We're medical professionals, technologists, designers, bean counters, retail gurus, and more working together to disrupt healthcare as we know it.

Join the ZOOM+Care Team.

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