Naturopathic Care Now Available At ZoomCare Clinics

Date: Monday, April 22, 2013
Source: ZoomCare

Naturopathic care coming to Hawthorne and Alberta clinics starting April 22

[Portland, OR] ZoomCare, the innovative healthcare company that is building the world's first neighborhood clinic and smart phone-based healthcare delivery system, has launched Naturopathic services at its Hawthorne [3325 SE Hawthorne] and Alberta [1400 NE Alberta] clinics.

This innovative service combines ZoomCare's same-day, no-wait, affordable care model with holistic Naturopathic treatment. ZoomCare's Naturopathic practice focuses on acute illness, injury and preventive care, and integrates traditional medical wisdom with the most up-to-date advances in biomedical and diagnostic science.

The Naturopathic practice maintains a focus on addressing the underlying cause of a disease state. ZoomCare Naturopathy's goal is to educate and empower patients to improve their health, identify and remove obstacles to cure, and create optimum conditions for allowing the body to rebuild and heal.

Patients seeking a holistic approach to medicine may be offered nutritional recommendations, vitamins and supplements, botanicals (herbs), lifestyle modification counseling (sleep, stress, physical activity, etc.) and pharmaceuticals.

Some key facts that create the ZoomCare Naturopathy difference:

Convenient Hours and Locations:The ZoomCare Hawthorne clinic will have same-day, no-wait Naturopathic services available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 PM to 5 PM. The ZoomCare Alberta clinic will have same-day, no-wait Naturopathic services available Monday and Friday from 12 PM to 5 PM.

Fair, Flat Price: ZoomCare's fair, flat pricing is now available for Naturopathic care. Insured customers pay their co-pay.

A Focus on Wellness: ZoomCare's Naturopathic offering is led by a board-certified provider who has deep experience in clinical research and integrative therapies and co-authored numerous research articles on diabetes and other illnesses.

Personalized Care: Patients receive dedicated one-on-one sessions with a board-certified Naturopathic provider.

"This is not your traditional Naturopathic clinic," said Dave Sanders, MD, Co-founder and Co-CEO. "We took the best of ZoomCare's on-demand, patient-centric model and applied them to our Naturopathic practice, making holistic care for acute problems accessible and affordable to our East Side neighbors. Essentially, we Zoomified Naturopathic medicine."

(Reporters note: Adding Naturopathic care is one of a number of ways ZoomCare is expanding the range of services delivered at its neighborhood clinics and online...recently ZoomCareannounced that its Pearl District Clinic would expand its hours to provide primary care open until midnight.)

The ZoomCare Story*
(*Note: "Sarah" is the shorthand way we refer to the patient to whom ZoomCare caters)

Before 2006, when "Sarah" had a need for urgent medical attention the choices were not great:

If she called her doctor's office, chances were that she couldn't get an appointment right away...and might not for several days.

If she went to the emergency room at the local was overcrowded and expensive (for her and the system).

If she showed up at the urgent care center, chances were she got a number and had to wait for hours to be seen.

ZoomCare changed all that.

Starting in 2006 "Sarah" could ask for a same day appointment and be seen by a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant at ZoomCare's first neighborhood clinic. ZoomCare pioneered "healthcare on demand" and patients liked this new idea. Two clinics grew to 19 neighborhood clinics in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Today "Sarah" and her family can get complete primary care blood tests, x-rays, medical exams and the medicine she needs for a broad range of illnesses, injuries and preventive care.

And patients at ZoomCare get the advantage of advanced technology in setting their appointments and reading lab results on a handheld device:

If "Sarah" wakes up on Saturday and needs to go to the doctor's office, she gets on her computer to use "live scheduler" to pick the time and most convenient clinic for her exam.

"Sarah's" lab results will be sent immediately to her computer or smart phone using secure technology and a doctor or physician assistant can hand her the medicines she needs, saving her the time of a separate pharmacy visit.

"Sarah" knows what the visit will cost and she will use her insurance or self-pay option, thereby avoiding any follow-up bills.

Portland, Oregon based ZoomCare is a privately-held company started in 2006 by David Sanders M.D. and Albert DiPiero M.D.
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