Orthopedic Specialist Care Now Available at ZoomCare

Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Source: ZoomCare

Orthopedics coming to ZoomCare Pearl District clinic starting May 1

[Portland, OR] ZoomCare, the innovative healthcare company that's building the world's first neighborhood clinic and smart phone-based healthcare delivery system, has launched Orthopedic specialist care at its Pearl District Clinic [202 NW 13th].
Patients requiring advanced diagnosis and treatment of skeletal and muscular system problems may now receive expert orthopedic specialty care at ZoomCare Pearl District.

"We've steadily expanded our injury care beginning with our digital x-ray service, then we added physical therapy and now we're adding Orthopedics," said Dave Sanders, MD, Co-founder and Co-CEO. "By launching Orthopedics, we've given our customers direct access to advanced injury care that's affordable and convenient."

This service furthers ZoomCare's mission to provide complete care to its patients. In the past year, ZoomCare has added pharmacy, laboratory, digital x-ray, physical therapy, Naturopathic care and stayed open till midnight. ZoomCare is fulfilling its mission of providing comprehensive no-wait, affordable neighborhood care that delights our patients.

Some key facts that create the ZoomCare Orthopedic difference:

Convenient Hours and Location:
The ZoomCare Pearl District clinic will have same-day, no-wait Orthopedic services.

Team-based Care:
Orthopedic surgeons, primary care providers, x-ray technicians, and physical therapists work together as one integrated team. Orthopedic surgeons, primary care providers, x-ray technicians, and physical therapists work together as one integrated team.

The ZoomCare Story*
(* Note: "Sarah" is the shorthand way we refer to the patient to whom ZoomCare caters)

Before 2006, when "Sarah" had a need for urgent medical attention the choices were not great:

  • If she called her doctor's office, chances were that she couldn't get an appointment right away...and might not for several days.

  • If she went to the emergency room at the local hospital...it was overcrowded and expensive (for her and the system).

  • If she showed up at the urgent care center, chances were she got a number and had to wait for hours to be seen.

ZoomCare changed all that. Starting in 2006 "Sarah" could ask for a same day appointment and be seen by a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant at ZoomCare's first neighborhood clinic. ZoomCare pioneered "healthcare on demand" and patients liked this new idea. Two clinics grew to 19 neighborhood clinics in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Today "Sarah" and her family can get complete primary care blood tests, x-rays, medical exams and the medicine she needs for a broad range of illnesses, injuries and preventive care. And patients at ZoomCare get the advantage of advanced technology in setting their appointments and reading lab results on a handheld device:

  • If "Sarah" wakes up on Saturday and needs to go to the doctor's office, she gets on her computer to use "live scheduler" to pick the time and most convenient clinic for her exam.

  • "Sarah's" lab results will be sent immediately to her computer or smart phone using secure technology and a doctor or physician assistant can hand her the medicines she needs, saving her the time of a separate pharmacy visit.

  • "Sarah" knows what the visit will cost and she will use her insurance or self-pay option, thereby avoiding any follow-up bills.

Portland, Oregon based ZoomCare is a privately-held company started in 2006 by David Sanders M.D. and Albert DiPiero M.D.

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