ZOOM+ News Stories

Post Sanders, Zoom+Care grows like gangbusters
Wed, 10/23/2019
Portland Business Journal
ZOOM+Care Annnounces ACO Partnership With Aetna
Fri, 04/27/2018
The Lund Report
ZOOM+Care Super takes 'emergency' fight to Legislature
Tue, 02/28/2017
Portland Business Journal
Storyteller-In-Chief: The Homeschool Advantage
Tue, 12/20/2016
Oregon Business
Zoom+ doctor returns to the fold after year away
Fri, 07/22/2016
Portland Business Journal
Zoom+ bucks system with targeted health plan
Wed, 05/11/2016
Healthcare DIVE
Zooming In On Millennials
Tue, 05/10/2016
Kaiser Health News
How insurers are targeting millennials
Mon, 05/09/2016
After bumpy start, Zoom+Smile expands hours, services
Fri, 04/29/2016
The Portland Business Journal
Rushing in to Provide Urgent Care
Thu, 04/14/2016
The Portland Business Journal
Boutique plans aim to strengthen patient-provider bonds
Thu, 04/14/2016
Managed Healthcare Executive
Zoom+ to leave Hillsboro for new Pearl District headquarters
Thu, 03/24/2016
The Portland Business Journal
Zoom+ slashes health insurance rates 11% in bid to grab market share
Tue, 02/23/2016
The Portland Business Journal
How Zoom+ is Redefining Healthcare in The Pearl
Tue, 01/05/2016
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Check out the most-read Oregon health care stories of 2015
Thu, 12/31/2015
The Portland Business Journal
How Zoom+ Super is faring during its rookie season
Thu, 12/24/2015
Portland Business Journal
ZOOM+: Disrupting the Healthcare Delivery Model
Mon, 12/07/2015
Portland Relocation Guide
2015 in Review: Oregon's 9 most important health care stories
Thu, 12/03/2015
Portland Business Journal
Zoom+'s new clinics push the primary care envelope
Mon, 11/16/2015
Portland Business Journal
Health care on your smartphone
Fri, 10/23/2015
Portland Tribune
Zoom Care adds new insurance option
Thu, 10/01/2015
Inside the Box
Wed, 09/30/2015
Oregon Business
ZOOM+ Promises to Get You Off Your Meds
Wed, 09/23/2015
PR Newswire
From urgent care to comprehensive insurance
Wed, 09/23/2015
The Caregiver Space
Tough Going for Health Co-ops
Wed, 09/16/2015
The New York Times
Elizabeth Hayes: The new (almost, but not quite) ER and hospital
Tue, 09/15/2015
Portland Business Journal
Zoom+ opens new ER alternative in Portland
Mon, 08/31/2015
Portland Tribune
Zoom+ debuts Super clinic for emergency care
Mon, 08/24/2015
Portland Business Journal
New Zoom+ concept offers specialists on demand
Mon, 08/17/2015
Portland Business Journal
Temple of Zoom
Wed, 07/29/2015
Willamette Week
ZOOM+ Lures High-Profile Baltimore Tech Entrepreneur
Thu, 07/16/2015
Portland Business Journal
ZOOM+ Announces $35 Video Medical Visits
Thu, 07/16/2015
The Lund Report
Lund Report Featured Employer: ZOOM+
Tue, 06/30/2015
The Lund Report
Health giants OHSU, ZOOM+ to team up on clinics
Thu, 06/25/2015
Portland Business Journal
The PBJ Interview: The Many Faces of ZOOM+ CEO Dave Sanders
Fri, 06/12/2015
Portland Business Journal
The Making of ZOOM+'s Dave Sanders: The Quiet Partner
Tue, 06/09/2015
Portland Business Journal
ZOOM+ Shares Details on Health Insurance Plan
Fri, 05/29/2015
Portland Business Journal
Practice Management: Expert Perspectives on Telemedicine in Urgent Care
Tue, 07/01/2014
The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine
Health Care Giants Learn From the Little Guys
Tue, 06/17/2014
U.S. News & World Report
The challenge of Obamacare 2.0
Tue, 01/14/2014
The Oregonian
Should Health Insurance Pay For Telemedicine Visits?
Thu, 12/19/2013
Oregon Public Broadcasting
ZoomCare leads charge to get telemedicine more respect (by law)
Thu, 12/12/2013
Portland Business Journal
ZoomCare to open second Treasure Valley clinic
Mon, 11/18/2013
Idaho Business Review
ZoomCare changing the model for delivering health care
Sat, 09/14/2013
Bio - Oregon Bioscience News Quarterly
ZoomCare zooms into chronic care
Mon, 07/01/2013
Portland Business Journal
Quick-Care Medical Clinic Models Grow
Fri, 09/07/2012
Portland Business Journal
Lower Cost Urgent Care Companies Pile Into The Market
Fri, 02/10/2012
Puget Sound Business Journal
MD on Demand: ZoomCare Shakes up the Checkup
Fri, 05/13/2011
Portland Monthly
ZoomCare Shakes up the Checkup
Sun, 05/01/2011
Portland Monthly
Service Innovation
Thu, 01/20/2011
Uninsured Come Knocking
Fri, 11/06/2009
Portland Business Journal
ZoomCare Co-Founder Dave Sanders
Thu, 07/23/2009
Beaverton Valley Times
ZoomCare Comes to Hillsboro
Fri, 07/10/2009
Portland Business Journal
ZoomCare Opens On-Demand Clinic
Sun, 06/21/2009
Hillsboro Argus
Clinics Advise Their Patients to Lose the Wait
Fri, 01/04/2008
Portland Business Journal
ZoomCare Expands And Attracts Top Talent
Thu, 12/13/2007
ZoomCare Opens Second Location
Wed, 08/29/2007
Portland Business Journal
Healthcare in a Jiffy
Fri, 07/21/2006
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