ZOOM+ Opens Portland's First Super Clinic

Date: Monday, August 24, 2015
Source: ZOOM+

HILLSBORO, Ore.,Aug. 24, 2015/PRNewswire/ --ZOOM+, the innovator of on-demand healthcare and Performance Health Insurance, announced today the opening of ZOOM+Super, a radically new alternative to emergency care that can treat 80 percent of the conditions that send people to a hospital ER in a fraction of the time and one-tenth the cost.

Across the US, emergency room use is increasing, even as the number of facilities are declining. Yet, only about 12 percent of ER visitors need to be admitted to a hospital. The others represent an unnecessary use of expensive resources that drive up overall healthcare costs. Research reveals that sprains and strains, abdominal pain, superficial injury and contusion, back pain and headache are among the top reasons people visit an ER, conditions that ZOOM+Super will be able to treat in about sixty minutes.

"The ER is the last place anyone wants to go, but fear and uncertainty drive people there," said Dave Sanders, M.D., co-founder and CEO of ZOOM+. "So often ER visits end up being unnecessary, adding cost and stress to the healthcare system and the individual. ZOOM+Super closes the gap between urgent care and the ER and solves this problem."

ZOOM+Super is designed to be accessible, affordable, fast, and as stress-free as being seriously injured or ill can be. Instead of waiting for a non-specific amount of time in a crowded intake center, people schedule a room online with their phone. When people arrive they are met by board certified emergency medicine physicians and led to their Super Room with wifi, TV, a comfortable space for accompanying friends or family, and a white board where their ER doctor outlines a treatment plan.

Pricing is clear and transparent. A complete Super Visit including treatment, imaging (CT, X-ray and Ultrasound), labs and on-site medications is$299if you self-pay, and$0-$35for ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance members. Other insurances are accepted and price varies depending on individual plans.

"In my training and experience as an ER physician, a vast majority of the people I treated did not need to be at a hospital but their condition required more than an urgent care clinic could provide," said Mark Zeitzer, MD, Practice Lead, Emergency Medicine and Medical Director of ZOOM+Super. "I joined ZOOM+ to change things for the better, and ZOOM+Super is that unique and fresh model."

ZOOM+Super is another building block in the company's transformation from an innovative on-demand healthcare service offering a limited line of care, to a complete health system with insurance built-in that removes costly waste and friction.

ZOOM+Super is located at 607 N.E. Grand Avenue in Portland, and at present is open noon to 10:00pm seven days a week.

About ZOOM+
ZOOM+, the Portland-based innovator of on-demand healthcare, is creating the nation's first health insurance system built from the ground up to enhance human performance. By seamlessly combining the security of traditional health insurance with membership-based brain, cellular and strength/stamina training and coaching, ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance is empowering people to reach their full potential. Co-founded in 2006 in Portland, Oregon by healthcare entrepreneurs David Sanders, M.D., and Albert DiPiero, M.D., ZOOM+ (formerly called ZoomCare) was built on the promise of delivering "Twice the Health At Half the Cost With Ten Times the Delight." ZOOM+ is a privately held company currently operating 26 neighborhood clinics inPortland, Vancouver, and Seattle. ZOOM+ was selected one of the most admired healthcare companies in Oregon in 2014 and has been a finalist for the Oregon Entrepreneur Network's Growth Company of the Year.Dave Sanders was an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Award winner in the Pacific Northwest.

ZOOM+ has been responsible for many retail healthcare firsts. The company built the first mobile online scheduler with same-day access to more than 500 no-wait appointments; created the innovative neighborhood retail clinic format; invented the "Magic Minute" and "Painless Procedure;" helped pass legislation allowing clinics to provide prescription medications and for video medical visits to be paid for by insurance companies; published transparent prices on the website; offered convenient office hours 365 days a year, in some cases until midnight.

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