ZoomCare Launches Schedule-By-Provider

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2014
Source: ZoomCare
ZoomCare Adapts Itself to Mobile

Schedule-By-Provider feature added to ZoomCare's Live Scheduler Web App

ZoomCare, the innovative healthcare company that's building the world's first neighborhood clinic and smartphone based healthcare system, launched the latest version of its Live Scheduler web app featuring: Schedule-By-Provider. Until recently, ZoomCare's patients scheduled by selecting their preferred neighborhood clinic location and time. Now, they can schedule by selecting their ZoomCare provider on their phone, tablet and personal computer.

"Since ZoomCare's founding almost eight years ago, we've made online scheduling easier and faster for patients," said Albert DiPiero, MD, Co-Founder of ZoomCare. "With the launch of Schedule-By-Provider, patients can directly schedule with the ZoomCare provider of their choice: the provider they trust, the provider recommended by a friend, or the provider of the same gender."

This launch follows the ability for patients to Schedule-By-Clinic, as well as major upgrades to ZoomCare's web app to be customized for mobile devices. Unlike most other health systems, ZoomCare designs and builds its own end-to-end operating system to achieve innovative features. The company pioneered the first live scheduler for medical visits and continues to add features to improve patient experience.

ZoomCare owns and operates 22 clinics in Oregon and Washingtonconsisting of fifteen clinics in Portland, one in Salem, one in Vancouver, and five in Seattle. ZoomCare is an innovative, neighborhood health system featuring on-demand complete care, with clear, transparent prices. ZoomCare services include: Primary Care, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Mental Health, Naturopathy, Chronic Care, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Podiatry and Gastroenterology. ZoomCare customers also enjoy on-demand Skype medical appointments known as TakeOut, digital x-ray services, in-clinic pharmacy dispensing, and ZoomCare Midnight clinics open till midnight in Portland and Seattle.

ZoomCare is based in Portland, Oregon and is a privately-held company founded in 2006 by David Sanders M.D. and Albert DiPiero M.D.

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