ZoomCare Launches TakeOut Visit

Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Source: ZoomCare

Patients get medical problems diagnosed and treated from anywhere with ZoomCare Takeout visit.

ZoomCare, an innovative collection of neighborhood clinics, launched an e-care service called ZoomCare TakeOut enabling patients to get convenient and affordable treatment from the comfort of their homes, offices or...anywhere for $89.

After testing and proving the service for 12 months and gaining positive feedback from patients and providers about the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions, ZoomCare has formally launched the service as ZoomCare TakeOut.

Here's how ZoomCare TakeOut works. An appointment may be scheduled via the home page of ZoomCare.com for patients 18 years or older in Oregon only. A ZoomCare board-certified provider diagnoses and treats the problem and prescribes medication, if necessary. Should the provider recommend a ZoomCare neighborhood clinic visit for closer analysis, ZoomCare applies the cost of the TakeOut visit ($89) to the cost of a regular $105 office visit for self-pay patients. Insured patients pay their co-pay or deductible for a clinic visit. ZoomCare is currently working with insurance companies to cover the cost of a TakeOut visit like any office visit.

"If you're in pain or feel like a walking zombie, the last thing you want to do is drag yourself into a doctor's office," said Co-Founder and Co-CEO of ZoomCare, David Sanders, MD. "With ZoomCare TakeOut, patients have the ultimate convenience of getting great healthcare from anywhere an office, a park or at home in their pajamas."

Dr. Sanders said the combination of ZoomCare TakeOut and the neighborhood clinics gives patients multiple access points to get fast and affordable medical treatment. "Our customers are technologically savvy and want their medical problems solved ASAP. Making ZoomCare available via Skype is logical considering our customers spend hours on the computer. Now we're in our patients' neighborhoods and on their laptops and their mobile devices and they are at the center of their care. It's the future of healthcare," said Sanders.

Information about ZoomCare: ZoomCare operates 15 neighborhood clinics serving a growing number of patients in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. For more information visit our website at www.ZoomCare.com and http://www.FaceBook.com/ZoomCare.

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