ZoomCare leads charge to get telemedicine more respect (by law)

Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013
Source: Portland Business Journal

by Elizabeth Hayes

ZoomCare co-founder Dr. Dave Sanders thinks a doctor's visit is a doctor's visit, regardless of how and where that visit takes place and it should be compensated accordingly.

That's why ZoomCare is pushing a bill that's expected to be introduced in the February legislative session...

"The bill is so insurers pay for a service, no matter if it's face to face or screen to screen," Sanders said. "It does not call for parity, it calls for coverage."

All medical visits are defined by codes, used by insurers and providers, that describe the service level. Accordingly, the legislation would require insurers and other payers to reimburse providers for equivalent telemedical care if it reimburses for the same service when delivered in a clinic...

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