ZoomCare Transforms Healthcare Appointment Scheduling

Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Source: ZoomCare

Patients can view and book clinic appointments in real time on the home page of zoomcare.com

ZoomCare, the leading provider of high quality, affordable Healthcare On Demand, launched its new Website giving patients the ability to view and book any same-day appointment in real time for all nine ZoomCare clinics in Portland and Seattle.

No other healthcare provider in the world gives patients access to an online scheduler in real time. The scheduler gives patients the ability to search ALL appointments, the NEAREST appointment after entering a zip code and the NEXT available appointment. They no longer have to telephone or request an appointment. They simply choose a convenient time, enter their insurance information and receive a confirmation in real time. The insurance and contact information is stored, so they never have to fill out another form. And, they can later return to www.ZoomCare.com to view their lab results or make changes to their information.

"ZoomCare was built on the idea that patients should have convenient access to great care," said Dave Sanders MD, Co-Founder and Co-CEO. "Scheduling a doctor's appointment has always been a hassle for patients. We decided to end the confusion and in the spirit of transparency and speed, open our system and give patients greater choice," added Sanders.

The system was developed in-house under the direction of Co-Founder and Co-CEO Albert DiPiero MD who manages all technology innovations for the company. "One of our core tenets is to remove the headaches in healthcare and stay focused on patient service. If airlines and rental car companies can do online scheduling, why not medical offices?" said DiPiero.

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