BETTER care, faster.

We deliver radical access to quality care, both online and in-person. Not just Urgent Care — all your care. We take a team approach to make sure every visit is a Perfect Visit™.


Covid-19 Testing at ZOOM

ZOOM+Care is now offering both Viral and Antibody testing in Oregon and Washington.

Say hello to convenience.

Both online and in person.

Hey neighbor!

With over 49 conveniently located clinics in Oregon and Washington, we’re never far from the places you live, work, shop, and play.

Welcome to the ‘no-waiting’ room

Tired of waiting? At Zoom, 95% of our visits start at their scheduled time. (Translation: that old magazine will have to read itself.)


Friendly, face-to-face care—now accessible from your couch. VideoCare™ lets you see (like, actually see) a ZOOM+Care provider without setting foot outside. Insurance accepted!

Get all you need in one visit

Say goodbye to the runaround, and say hello to a complete system of care. Get meds, labs, and imaging, all in one Perfect Visit™.

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