Earth Day’s Pulse at ZoomCare

April 17, 2024

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Earth Day’s Pulse at ZoomCare

Did you know that spending time by the sea can improve skin health and respiratory function? That sunlight boosts vitamin D levels and helps regulate mood and your body's rhythms? Plus, forest therapy has been shown to reduce stress, enhance mental wellness, and lower blood pressure. 

However, it’s not uncommon to encounter bumps in the road while spending time outside. Don’t worry—ZoomCare is here to help with same-day visits and education around which visit to choose for each outdoor experience.  

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Enjoy outdoor activities with peace of mind

If you find yourself navigating new or ongoing health issues after spending more time outside, we’ve got you covered. Our Urgent Care providers address and treat a variety out outdoor mishaps:

  • On a hike and notice an itch or pain on your skin? If you find yourself with an insect bite or sting, our providers have got your back. 
  • If you spot early symptoms of a tick bite, our providers can assess the bite, provide appropriate treatment, and guide you through any necessary next steps.
  • If you brush up against the wrong plant or overheat on your long hike, our team can help relieve rash symptoms and determine the culprit. 
  • If any small cuts, scrapes, and burns pop up while out roaming the planet, we’ll help you land back on your feet.
  • Going for a swim? Ear and eye infections can happen. When they do, ZoomCare is here to prescribe medication and recommend treatment to alleviate your pain. 

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On the other hand, our Emergency Care Doctors can help provide support for more serious complications that arise: 

  • If you are experiencing severe symptoms of Lyme Disease, our Emergency Doctors will assess your symptoms, order necessary labs, and recommend medication and treatment plans. 
  • If you are spending more time in the sun than usual and notice yourself exhibiting symptoms of dehydration, our Super clinics are here to help. 

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Struggling to get outside?

Our compassionate Primary Care providers are ready to start the conversation about your mental wellbeing. Or, our Mental Health providers can step in and explore the use of prescription medication. Let's prioritize your well-being together.

What is sustainable healthcare?

As a patient, understanding sustainable healthcare is crucial when making decisions about your health and the environment. Sustainable healthcare allows you to align your choices with your values and take action that prioritizes both personal health and the health of the planet.

Here at ZoomCare, we value sustainable healthcare and its potential to positively transform society. As a patient, choosing environmentally conscious healthcare contributes to creating a healthier and more sustainable world for all! By focusing on sustainable healthcare choices, we aim to provide our patients with top-notch care while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Opting for sustainable healthcare practices helps conserve natural resources and reduces waste, while creating a healthier future. It also stimulates innovation and economic growth!

ZoomCare's commitment to sustainability 

  • Reduce Emissions: ZoomCare offers virtual healthcare visits to help cut down on gas usage and help preserve the environment. Join the movement by choosing a virtual visit!
  • Volunteer Support: Every employee gets 8 hours of paid volunteer time to give back to the community. Think—neighborhood cleanups, tree planting, or food drive support.
  • Green Team: Our ZoomCare Green Team comes together to understand our environmental impact and discusses new ways to keep our organization eco-friendly..

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