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What kind of treatment will I be prescribed over ChatCare™?

ZoomCare Chat providers follow evidence-based guidelines to determine if self-care, medication, or a referral to a ZoomCare clinic is right for you. We require patients to have had at least one visit in the last 12 months in order to get diagnostic and treatment services through Chat.

Self-care: Sometimes, you just need to hydrate and catch up on sleep. We'll send you instructions to get better from the comfort of your home.

Medication: If your ChatCare™ provider thinks you need meds, we'll send the prescription to the local pharmacy of your choice.

In-person visit: We'll let you know if it's best to head to a ZoomCare clinic. You'll be able to schedule a same-day visit while chatting with your providers.

What conditions are commonly discussed through ChatCare™?

Conditions commonly treated through ChatCare™ include:

  • allergic rhinitis
  • sinus infections
  • stable anxiety
  • stable depression
  • asthma
  • low back pain
  • colds
  • coughs
  • diarrhea
  • erectile dysfunction
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • hypertension
  • insomnia
  • smoking cessation
  • UTIs
  • and more.
What conditions require an in-clinic visit to be treated?

Your ZoomCare doctor will chat with you to determine if you need an in-person visit at a ZoomCare clinic to complete your diagnosis and treatment.

Conditions that require an in-person visit:

  • Chest pain
  • new headaches
  • eye problems
  • ear pain
  • cough with fever
  • shortness of breath or wheezing
  • rashes
  • abscess
  • cellulitis
  • skin issues
  • vaginitis
  • complicated UTIs
  • UTIs in patients over the age of 50
  • abdominal pain
  • STI testing
  • pediatric fevers and back pain.
Can you treat kids through ChatCare™?


To chat for your child or dependent, follow these steps:

  1. Go to, or open the App.
  2. Select "Start ZoomCare Chat" on the website or select the "Chat" icon in the App.
  3. Review the prompt, "Who is this for?"
  4. Select your child or dependent's name from the list.
  5. Add your child or dependent on the account if they don't appear in the prompt.
  6. Confirm your payment method.
  7. Start chatting.

NOTE: If you believe you previously added your child or dependent to your ZoomCare account, but they don't show up as an option when starting a new chat, it's possible they're linked to another responsible party's account. Have your spouse, partner, or another responsible party login to their ZoomCare account and try again.

Still can't find your child or dependent on additional accounts? Call the ZoomCare Help Team at (503) 684-8252

Can I get antibiotics through ChatCare™?

Yes, if your ChatCare™ doctor determines you need antibiotics. In some cases, you will be referred to a ZoomCare clinic for additional tests or imaging to confirm the diagnosis before a prescription is provided.

I logged on to ChatCare™ and didn't get connected with a provider. Will I still get charged?

Don't worry—technology issues happen! You won't be charged. You can try starting a new chat. If that fails again, schedule a visit at or through the App.

Can I get my medication refills through ChatCare™?

Yes, we prescribe refills for many medications, including birth control, diabetes, and hypertension. You may even be able to get a refill for six months worth of your medication.

Need a prescription refill for more than six months worth of meds? Schedule a visit at or through the App.

Can I bill insurance when using ChatCare™?

No, not currently. But we're working closely with insurers so you can eventually bill them for ChatCare.

I was referred to a visit through ChatCare™. Do I still have to pay for chat?

Yes, your ChatCare™ visit and your referral visit are two separate visits. You'll pay for each visit separately.

Can I submit my ChatCare™ invoice for reimbursement through my insurance company?

No, not currently—but we're working closely with insurers so you can eventually bill them for ChatCare™.

I'm traveling and need to follow up on my last visit. Can I use ChatCare™?

You can get follow-up care and advice through ChatCare™—from anywhere in the U.S. Even better? ChatCare™ is free within seven days of your initial visit!

What do I do if ChatCare™ is closed or busy?

When ChatCare™ is unavailable, schedule a visit at or through the App. Some clinics are open as late as midnight.

Need help with a non-medical issue, including billing or insurance? Email our Help Team. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Can I get billing and insurance help by chatting ChatCare™?

If you need help with a non-medical issue including billing or insurance, please email our Help Team. We'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Can I get a new prescription through ChatCare™?

Yes, we can prescribe common prescription medications, including antihistamines, inhalers, and cough medications over ChatCare™ .

If you need a prescription for a controlled substance like Sudafed or certain cough syrups, schedule an in-person visit at or the App.

Note: We don't prescribe opioids, benzo, or narcotic medications. We can not prescribe medications for patients who have not had an in-person visit within the last 12 months.