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Social Distancing


With social distancing in place, do I still come into the lobby to check in?

If you’re early for your visit, please wait in your vehicle or outside the clinic until 5 minutes before your visit is scheduled to begin. Check in at the front desk when the lobby is clear and we’ll get you squared away!

Can I bring a parent, child, or friend with me?

When possible, please ask any friends or family members to wait outside the clinic. This helps us preserve personal protective equipment.

Can I wear my own mask into the clinic?

If you’ve got your own mask—great! Feel free to show it off! If you don’t, please obtain a mask from our associate when you walk in.

Can I schedule two visits in one day?

You can schedule as many ZoomCare visits as you'd like in one day! However, many insurance companies will only pay for one visit per day. Check with your insurance provider to see if your second visit on the same day is covered.