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How does VideoCare™ work?

Click the VideoCare™ Visit button on our Instant Access portal and log in or register to start your VideoCare™ experience. Once you enter the VideoCare™ queue, we’ll match you with a provider and send you a secure link to join a video chat. Make sure you’re in a private place before you join. You won’t need to download, log in to, or use any software to connect with our providers. Simply click here to get care!

Who will I be talking to during the VideoCare™ Visit?

The ZoomCare providers you know and love will be connecting with you by video. You’ll find they are just as welcoming and thorough virtually as they are in person! We’ll match you up with the right type of provider based on your location and the type of care you need.

If I still need an in-person visit after my VideoCare™ Visit, will I be charged twice?

Nope! If you have an in-person visit, you won't be charged for your VideoCare™ visit.

How much does a VideoCare™ Visit cost? Can I use my healthcare insurance?

ZoomCare can bill most private insurances for care delivered by video. Contact your insurer and ask about how video visits will be covered at ZoomCare.

Without insurance, VideoCare™ Visits are $75 for illness and injury care.

Can I schedule a COVID-19 test over video?

Yes! ZOOM+Care offers drive-through COVID-19 testing to patients in both Portland and Seattle. Due to limited capacity, we’re reserving tests for those who are most at risk. If you think you may need testing, you’ll need to speak with one of our providers through VideoCare™. We’ll diagnose your symptoms and schedule you for testing if you’re eligible.