What kind of treatment will I be prescribed over ChatCare™?

ZoomCare Chat providers follow evidence-based guidelines to determine if self-care, medication, or a referral to a ZoomCare clinic is right for you. We require patients to have had at least one visit in the last 12 months in order to get diagnostic and treatment services through Chat.

Self-care: Sometimes, you just need to hydrate and catch up on sleep. We'll send you instructions to get better from the comfort of your home.

Medication: If your ChatCare™ provider thinks you need meds, we'll send the prescription to the local pharmacy of your choice.

In-person visit: We'll let you know if it's best to head to a ZoomCare clinic. You'll be able to schedule a same-day visit while chatting with your providers.



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What kind of treatment will I be prescribed over ChatCare™?
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