Hey Zoom, is Drinking LaCroix All Day Bad For Me?

August 11, 2020

Hey Zoom

Gulp. We hope not. But now that you mention it... a bunch of rumors about the health risks of carbonated water are coming to mind. Given our nationwide obsession with LaCroix (which Zoom has no affiliation with, by the way), it's time to double-check the research.

Rumor #1: Fizzy water weakens bones.

There’s some truth to the notion that fizzy drinks harm bones, but carbonation isn’t to blame. It’s the phosphoric acid found in many bottled beverages that’s now linked to lower bone mass density. According to LaCroix’s FAQ page, a 12 oz. can of any flavor has about 5 mg of phosphoric acid (compared to as much as 400mg in some colas). And the daily recommended intake for phosphorus is 700mg/day. Good news: Drinking LaCroix all day isn’t turning our bones into breadsticks.

Rumor #2: Fizzy water erodes teeth.

All carbonated water contains acid, so if you were to yank out one of your teeth and drop it into a glass of LaCroix, the enamel would eventually erode. Luckily, your saliva is full of neutralizing enzymes.“The average healthy person won't get cavities strictly from drinking LaCroix,” says ZOOM+Care Dentist Kevin Ford, DMD. “If you’re worried about acid, drink carbonated water at meals when saliva levels are higher, or swish with plain water after drinking.”

Rumor #3: Fizzy water promotes weight loss.

Maybe. If you’ve kicked a juice, soda, or beer habit thanks to LaCroix, it will reduce your overall daily calorie count. But you have to consistently burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

Rumor #4: Fizzy water causes heartburn.

Nope. Current research does not support a direct link between bubbly water and heartburn. That said, if you have acid reflux, you should avoid any food or drink that seems to consistently make it worse.

Rumor #5: Fizzy water isn’t as hydrating as plain H2O.

Untrue. Bubbles don't impact hydration in any way. And you might even be more hydrated thanks to all the LaCroix you're chugging.Worried that your diet is causing health problems? Schedule a visit for Internal Medicine.[Photo courtesy of Tony Webster]

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