Thinkers, builders and relentless doers. If that sounds like you, then start your search right here, ZOOM+ is growing and there's a lot to do.

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Our office is pretty much what you'd expect to see at a health care start up: open offices, whiteboards and post-its. Weekly tracking reviews and all-hands meetings monitor our progress toward changing a stagnant healthcare industry.


We're a diverse group of seasoned professionals and youthful idealists committed to building the world's first on-demand healthcare platform. Medical professionals, technologists, designers, bean counters, retail gurus, and more working together to make a difference.

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ZOOM+ was founded by two serial entrepreneur MDs. Dave and Albert are best friends from college and on their third start-up. They started ZOOM+ with the simple idea, to provide care that is more accessible, more affordable, more delightful.