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ZOOM+Care Services Terms and Conditions

Effective: January 22, 2020

1. Use of Your Credit or Debit Card

When you schedule a visit at a ZOOM+Care clinic, you understand you are reserving a dedicated visit time. ZOOM+Care requires that credit or debit card information be provided to schedule visits and to cover any costs related to treatments or services you receive at ZOOM+Care. Our third party payment processing vendor retains this information on file in accordance with its privacy policies until your card expires. Scheduling a visit with ZOOM+Care and acknowledging this policy implies consent for us to direct our third party payment processing vendor to retain your card information and charge your card for any treatment fees, pharmacy fees, and other fees related to your care.

2. Fee for No Shows and Late Arrivals

ZOOM+Care may charge you a non-refundable fee of up to $99 if you arrive late for your scheduled appointment and do not reschedule another visit for the same day, fail to show up for your scheduled visit, or cancel your scheduled appointment with less than 1 hour of notice for urgent care or less than 24 hours for all other services (the “No Show/Late Fee”). If applicable, you authorize ZOOM+Care to keep your signature on file and to charge your credit/debit card the No Show/Late Fee.

3. Acknowledgment of Financial Responsibility

You acknowledge that you are financially responsible for and agree to pay for all services and products received at or from ZOOM+Care. You acknowledge that payment is required at the time of service unless other arrangements – such as the billing of insurance - have been made. Payment for services includes payment of applicable coinsurance, copayments and deductibles for participating insurance companies. ZOOM+Care accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. ZOOM+Care does not accept cash.

4. Billing Insurance & Assignment of Benefits Statement

As a courtesy to you, ZOOM+Care will bill your health insurer for services provided to you if ZOOM+Care has a contract with your health insurer. However, you understand and agree that you (not you insurance company nor any other entity) are ultimately responsible for all fees for services received at or from ZOOM+Care, unless otherwise specified by state or federal law, or other billing arrangements have been made.


If you have health insurance, you authorize your health insurance and health plans to make payments directly to ZOOM+Care. You agree to pay for any charges you owe to ZOOM+Care which are not paid by your health insurer.


You understand that if the health insurer that provides you with primary health insurance does not pay ZOOM+Care within 60 days of your visit, ZOOM+Care may then bill you directly or charge your credit or debit card on file the total amount due.


As a courtesy, ZOOM+Care will bill the health insurer that provides you with secondary health insurance. However, if payment is not received from any secondary insurer within 30 days of ZOOM+Care billing the secondary insurer, ZOOM+Care may then directly bill you or charge to your credit or debit card on file the total amount billed to the secondary insurer.


Not all services provided at ZOOM+Care will be covered by your health insurance. As a courtesy, ZOOM+Care may, but is not required, ask your health insurer about coverage on your behalf, but ZOOM+Care cannot know and is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for knowing your insurance benefits and guidelines regarding what is and is not covered by your insurance and for paying ZOOM+Care for all services and products provided that are not covered by your insurance.


You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for knowing whether you are eligible to use any health insurance at the time of service at ZOOM+Care. You are responsible for providing ZOOM+Care with valid insurance information at every visit. If your insurance is not in effect at the time of service at ZOOM+Care, you are responsible for paying ZOOM+Care in full amount for any and all services provided by ZOOM+Care.


You are required to declare your method of payment when you schedule any ZOOM+Care service. You may declare your method of payment “uninsured” or you may select your insurance plan(s). Your selection determines whether ZOOM+Care will submit any claims for payment to a health insurer.


If you select an insurance plan(s) and ZOOM+Care is able to confirm the policy is active, then ZOOM+Care will consider you to be “insured”. As an insured customer, ZOOM+Care will estimate your financial responsibility when you receive care and collect that amount when you receive care. If you have selected an insurance plan and ZOOM+Care has verified this is an active plan, you may not change your payment method to “uninsured” at your visit.


If you select “uninsured” you may not submit your invoice to an insurance company for reimbursement. If you do, ZOOM+Care is not responsible for processing the claims and will not process any claims related to this matter.

5. Outstanding Balance and Collection Policy


You agree to pay ZOOM+Care any and all amounts owed and outstanding within 30 days of the date of service giving rise to the charge. You may have an outstanding balance if, for example, your credit or debit card expires or is declined or if your actual financial responsibility for services covered by health insurance coverage differs from the estimate made at the time of check-out.


Amounts not paid to ZOOM+Care within 60 days from the date of service giving rise to the charge will be assessed a $50 collection fee and transferred to a collection agency. If it becomes necessary to effect collections of any amount owed on this or subsequent visits, you agree to pay all legal costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees. You hereby authorize ZOOM+Care to release information necessary to secure payment.

6. Medicare


ZOOM+Care is unable to offer services to Medicare beneficiaries at this time. To comply with federal laws, ZOOM+Care is unable to serve even those Medicare beneficiaries who would prefer to pay out of pocket for services. ZOOM+Care will continue to evaluate the complicated and evolving Medicare landscape and hopes to be able to serve Medicare beneficiaries in the future.


ZOOM+Care is able to serve individuals who are eligible for Medicare, but have declined coverage. If you are over 65 or otherwise eligible for Medicare, you will be asked at the time of your visit to confirm that you are not a Medicare beneficiary.

7. Refunds

Unless you specifically request otherwise, overpayments of $5.00 or less will be credited to your subsequent ZOOM+Care visits.

8. Referrals for Services


ZOOM+Care may recommend that you receive services, such as laboratory processing or testing or imaging services, at non-ZOOM+Care facilities. If a ZOOM+Care provider recommends that you obtain services at another facility or have laboratory samples processed at another facility, you are free to obtain such services from any provider you choose.


Any non-ZOOM+Care facility that provides you with services, including laboratory processing services, will bill you separately for the services provided at the non-ZOOM+Care facility’s prices.


As a courtesy, ZOOM+Care may provide you with pricing estimates for services performed at or by non-ZOOM+Care facilities. You understand that ZOOM+Care cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of these estimates.


ZOOM+Care is not responsible for non-ZOOM+Care facilities’ prices, their billing practices, or for payment of any charges incurred for services performed.

9. ZOOM+Care Ethics

ZOOM+Care strives to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in the healthcare industry. Your healthcare and satisfaction are our highest priorities. We follow the following policies:

9.2 Pharmaceutical Industry.

ZOOM+Care prohibits pharmaceutical industry representatives from meeting with or providing gifts to ZOOM+Care employees, including physicians and physician assistants. ZOOM+Care employees are also not permitted to serve as paid consultants to the pharmaceutical industry. ZOOM+Care recognizes that the pharmaceutical industry discovers and produces therapies of vital importance to the health of the people we serve. However, ZOOM+Care evaluates pharmaceutical products on the merits of the scientific evidence of a product's safety and efficacy. Pharmaceutical industry sales and marketing may distort this evaluation and consumes time devoted to caring for you.

9.3 Medical Devices and Technologies.

ZOOM+Care employees, including physicians and physician assistants, may not receive gifts from medical device and technology companies, serve as consultants to such companies or otherwise have a financial relationship with such companies.


ZOOM+Care employees, including physicians and physician assistants, may not receive gifts or other forms of inducement from any hospital, laboratory, imaging center, emergency department or any other individual physician or provider of care to whom you may be referred.

10. ZOOM+Care Chat

ZOOM+Care Chat offers instant access to medical care from our trusted MDs, NDs, NPs, and PAs. ZOOM+Care Chat may be accessed via the ZOOM+Care website or via the iOS App on your phone. Please review the ZOOM+Care Chat Informed Consent, for additional important information related to use of ZOOM+Care Chat.


Each ZOOM+Care Chat session is $25. If your Chat takes place within 7 days of a visit to a ZOOM+Care clinic and is related to the initial visit, it’s free. If applicable, the ZOOM+Care Chat fee will be charged to the credit card we have on file for you within 24 hours. You will be asked to confirm that you understand there is a fee before the ZOOM+Care Chat session begins. Chat fees are not submitted to your insurance provider at this time and may only be paid by credit card. There is no fee if a Chat is dropped or incomplete for technical reasons.


If your ZOOM+Care Chat provider orders prescriptions for you during your ZOOM+Care Chat session, the pharmacy that fills your prescription will charge you separately for the prescription.


ZOOM+Care Chat is only available to patients residing in Oregon, and is only provided in English at this time. You agree to accurately disclose your location prior to participating in a Chat. ZOOM+Care Chat Providers will only be permitted to render medical care to you if you are located in Oregon.


You must be 18 years old to use the ZOOM+Care Chat service. However, an adult may use ZOOM+Care Chat to get care for a child or dependent by following the “Who is this for?” prompt in the introductory Chat service dialog.


In the case of hostile or inappropriate behavior by the patient, the provider may terminate a Chat at any time at their discretion, and will advise you that the Chat is being terminated. A terminated Chat will be treated as abandoned, meaning that treatment recommendations will not be entered into the patient chart, and new or refill prescriptions will not be processed; however depending on the duration of the Chat your credit card may be charged the regular service fee in effect at that time.

10.6 Use of Photos

ZOOM+Care Chat allows you to share photos with your ZOOM+Care Chat provider for the purposes of receiving care. Your participation in this form of communication is voluntary. Any information disclosed to any ZOOM+Care Chat provider via Chat Care is at your sole discretion. Information provided via these communications may be used to update your personal health record. Any photos shared with ZOOM+Care will be treated as Protected Health Information, as defined in the ZOOM+Care Notice of Privacy Practices.

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