Emergency Care vs. Urgent Care Visit:

A Handy Guide to Getting the Care You Need

We've all been there: You're cutting an avocado when suddenly, the knife slips past the stone, through the soft fruit, straight into your hand. You’re not sure how bad the cut is, whether or not you’ll need stitches, or where to turn for help. Do you head to the nearest urgent care clinic, call your primary care provider, or book it to the emergency room?

Deciding where to go in a sudden medical situation can be scary and confusing, so we're breaking down your options — plus when to go where — below.

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If it's a true emergency (AKA a life-or-limb threatening situation), call 911 immediately.

Conditions such as heart attack, stroke, severe trauma–including head injury, severe bleeding or laceration, loss of consciousness

For everything else, there's ZoomCare.

From life's little scrapes and scratches to bigger blunders like broken bones, we’re here for all your urgent healthcare concerns.

ZoomCare has two options for getting the timely care you need.

ZoomCare Super

Emergency Care Visit

What is ZoomCare Super?

ZoomCare Super is a fast, affordable ER alternative. Staffed with board-certified emergency physicians and equipped with X-Ray, CT, and Ultrasound, Super can treat 80% of the reasons why adults and kids go to the Emergency Room. The best part? It’s 1/4 the cost of a typical hospital ER.

It’s ¼ the cost

Injuries are painful, but your bill doesn't have to be. ZoomCare Super can treat your serious (but non-life-threatening) concerns for 1/4 of the cost of the ER.

a clock icon you can do an appointment in person or remote

It’s fast.

From check-in to check-out, the average Super visit takes just 60 minutes. (Stack that against the 2 hours and 16 minutes it takes for a typical ER visit.)

It’s stress-free.

With transparent pricing and appointments that you can schedule ahead of time, Super is a stress-free alternative to the Emergency Room.

When to seek Emergency Care at ZoomCare Super

Here's a good rule of thumb: If you have a... well, super-urgent medical issue but can still drive, walk, or catch a ride, come to Super.

Super can handle the following medical concerns and more:

Abdominal Pain

Abscess Drainage

Broken Bones

Chest Pain



Eye Injuries

First Trimester Pregnancy Complications

Accidental Poisonings

Asthma Exacerbations


 Kidney Stones

 Large Lacerations

Pediatric Emergency Services

 Serious Infections

 Severe Headache

Shortness of Breath.

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Not just for emergencies.

In addition to emergency care, ZoomCare Super offers low-cost labs and imaging for other, non-emergency issues.





Schedule an Emergency Care visit

ZoomCare Urgent Care Clinic

Illness/injury visit

What is an Illness/Injury visit?

An Injury/Illness visit is a same-day urgent care appointment that’s perfect for your immediate health needs. You can schedule one at your neighborhood ZoomCare clinic, or start with a screening through VideoCare.

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It’s care when you want it.

Choose from hundreds of same-day appointments that start on time. Plus, get care when you need it—last minute, late at night, and on weekends, too.

Where you want it.

Whether you want to see a ZoomCare provider in the clinic or on your couch, we’ve got you covered.

a heart icon we care your health

And how you want it.

Evidence-based care, delivered with kindness and candor: that's what you can expect from every visit.

When to go to Urgent Care at ZoomCare

Urgent Care visits are great for illnesses or injuries that need immediate care but aren't serious enough to require a ZoomCare Super or ER visit.

Clinic can handle the following medical concerns and more:

Sore throat

Sinus infection


Ear Infection


Strep throat

Eye infection




Bladder infection


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Still not sure where to go?

At ZoomCare, there’s no wrong door to care. No matter where you go first, our providers will carefully assess your situation and make sure you receive the right level of care. If we can't address your concern at your neighborhood ZoomCare, we'll arrange for a quick and seamless referral to Super. And if Super can’t treat you, we’ll get you admitted to a local hospital of your choice.