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ZOOM+Care Email and Text Messaging Terms and Conditions and Consent

Effective Date: September 28, 2017

ZOOM+Care strives to make getting healthcare convenient and hassle-free and provides appointment reminders and other communications regarding services you receive from ZOOM+Care, payment for such services, and coordination of services others may provide via electronic mail (email) or text messaging. Such emails and text messages may contain your protected health information. ZOOM+Care sends test results using data encryption technology. In addition, Zoom+Care sends more routine appointment reminders and other emails and text messages which may contain some limited health information through unencrypted means. By providing your email address and phone number, you request that ZOOM+Care to send you these emails and text messages and consent to ZOOM+Care use of email and text messaging to communicate with you.

Review the information below to learn more about the potential risks associated with email and text message communication and ways to minimize these risks.

  • If ZOOM+Care contacts you by email or text message, the most likely risk to your protected health information is that information intended for you could be sent to the wrong person by mistake.
  • Your email account or phone could be hacked. Emails or text messages sent to you could be monitored, intercepted, read, and/or altered before they reach your email in-box or phone.
  • ZOOM+Care cannot control who may see a text message or email on your phone, computer or other device. Setting a lock and password on your phone, computer or other device is one way to keep your information more secure. Remember not to leave your phone or computer unlocked and unattended.
  • If you communicate from a phone, computer or other device belonging to your employer, your employer may have access to emails or texts to or from ZOOM+Care.
  • Depending on your cell phone carrier/plan, you may be charged fees by your cell phone carrier/plan for receiving text messages or using data to access email.
  • ZOOM+Care does not regularly monitor the email or text messaging accounts and any replies to emails or text messages may not be received. If you need to contact ZOOM+Care, contact us via the ZOOM+Care Chat feature. Do not reply to emails or text messages you receive from ZOOM+Care.

Acknowledgement and Release:

  1. I have read and understand the risks associated with email and text message communications, and I understand there may be additional risks not described here.
  2. I understand that ZOOM+Care cannot control who reads my email or text messages, while in route to or from my e-mail account or phone or once delivered to my email account or phone.
  3. I agree to notify ZOOM+Care immediately in the event my email address or phone number changes.

You may opt-out of receiving any emails or text messages from Zoom+Care by submitting your request in writing to or by replying “STOP” to text messages.

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