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NW 23rd

1662 NW 23rd Ave Portland, OR
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  • Walk-ins welcome, availability may vary
  • Phlebotomy onsite, availability may vary

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Urgent Care

Discover ZoomCare Urgent Care services when you need immediate care for an unexpected injury or illness. Book ahead online or walk in for care.
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Primary Care

Discover ZoomCare Primary Care services for your general health needs, like annual wellness visits, sexual health, prescription management, and more.
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Discover ZoomCare Dermatology when you need skin support. Our dermatology specialists can help treat various skin conditions.
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Sports Physical

Does your child need a sports physical? Look no further than ZoomCare. We’re here to help.
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COVID-19 Testing

Discover ZoomCare COVID-19 testing when you need answers. Choose between PCR and rapid antigen testing options.
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