Illness | Injury

ZOOM+Care Neighborhood Clinics provide On-Demand treatment for a broad range of illnesses and injuries at a fair, flat price. We also offer on-site prescription medications*, lab tests, vaccinations, and injections at every clinic. Adults and kids welcome. Schedule a same-day visit, online from your phone, today.

*We do not provide narcotics or medical marijuana.

Some of the Conditions We Treat

Abdominal Pain Abscess Acne
Allergies Anxiety Asthma
Athlete's Foot Back Pain Bites
Bladder Infections Bronchitis Burns
Cellulitis-Skin Infections Colds Cough
Cysts Cuts Depression
Diarrhea Dislocated Joints Ear Infection or Pain
Eye Problems Fever Genital Infections
Headaches - minor Heartburn - GERD Hemorrhoids
Influenza - Flu Jock Itch Joint and Ankle Pain
Kidney Infections Kids' Health Issues Knee Pain
Lacerations Men's Health Issues Neck Pain
Sprains Stitches Strains
Testicular Pain Pneumonia Rash
Weird Pains Women's Health Issues and more...