Peace of mind starts here.
Whether you're experiencing symptoms, planning upcoming travel, or gathering with loved ones, peace of mind is just a COVID test away.

We offer two COVID-19 testing options: Rapid Antigen Tests and PCR tests. Both are available to patients with or without symptoms.  
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Peace of mind starts here.
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Get Screened

We have two virtual screening options: video and chat.

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Get Scheduled

We’ll schedule your sample collection at a nearby drive-thru or walk-up testing site.

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Get Results

You’ll receive Rapid Antigen results same-day. PCR results are usually ready next-day, but may take 2-5 days.

Let’s compare your testing options.
Rapid Antigen
PCR Test
Available to everyone; best for those currently exhibiting symptoms.
Can be used for people with or without symptoms
Not as sensitive as a PCR test; may miss some infections
Most sensitive test available; considered the “gold standard”
Results same-day
Results in 2-5 days, often next-day
Ready to get tested?
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But first, a screening.
Before we can test you for COVID-19, we need to screen you through video or chat.
Why do I need a screening visit?
Great question! We require a screening visit for two reasons:
First, the FDA requires a medical provider to order most COVID-19 tests.

But more importantly, we want to provide you with the best care and clinical guidance possible. A screening visit helps us understand your needs and order the right test for your situation. It also allows us to provide specific instructions and helpful information after your test results are available, so you know exactly what to do next. The best part? If you have questions, want help interpreting your results, or need follow-up care, you can chat with your ZoomCare provider for free, up to 7 days after your visit.
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How do I get screened?
New and returning patients
Be sure to check your insurer’s COVID-19 coverage before scheduling. While every plan is different, you might have to pay your insurance's negotiated rate for a doctor's visit.
Schedule a VideoCare Visit
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Returning patients
If you're an established patient, you can complete your screening through ChatCare (a ChatCare visit costs $40).
Schedule a ChatCare Visit
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How much does a VideoCare screening visit cost?
Because your COVID-19 screening is subject to your specific plan rules, we can't guarantee your coverage or rates. As a rule of thumb, a screening should cost about the same amount as a visit to your primary care provider.
No insurance? No problem!
A COVID-19 Screening Video Visit is $165 out of pocket, plus the cost of the test itself. (A Rapid Antigen Test costs $90. A PCR Test costs $105.) An in-clinic screening visit is $200 out of pocket, plus the cost of the test itself.
Schedule a VideoCare Visit
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Please Note:
If your screening visit and test are not covered, or if you don't have insurance, you'll be responsible for the full cost. This includes the cost of the test, the lab fee, and your VideoCare or ChatCare screening visit.
Schedule a VideoCare Visit
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Is ZoomCare COVID testing right for you?
We want to be open and transparent about our COVID-19 testing services. ZoomCare is proud to offer COVID-19 testing visits that meet our regular standard for high-quality, evidence-based care. If you’re looking for free follow-up care, guidance around which test to take, in-depth results interpretation, and next steps tailored to you, then we’re an excellent solution.

However, if you simply need a test result without a Provider’s expertise, ZoomCare may not be the right choice for you. We recommend checking out some community testing services in your area for no or lower-cost options.
Find community resources near you
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More questions?
Check our FAQs.
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