COVID-19 Testing Options

Fast, easy COVID testing, now available at a ZOOM+Care testing site near you!

Whether or not you're experiencing symptoms, COVID-19 testing can provide you with peace of mind. We offer fast, affordable testing across the Pacific Northwest to all of our patients, including those without symptoms. Once you complete a quick virtual screening, a doctor will order your test and we'll schedule a sample collection at a location near you.

Get Screened

We offer two easy options to get screened virtually.

Get Scheduled

We'll schedule you at a nearby drive-through or walk-up testing site.

Get Results

We'll contact you within 3-5 business days with your results and next steps.

How it works

To keep you and our providers safe, we ask that you complete your virtual screening through VideoCare™ (for new patients) or ChatCare™ (for returning patients). During the visit, a provider will review your symptoms and risk of exposure. After the visit, we’ll call to schedule your sample collection at a nearby drive-through or walk-up testing site. Once we've collected your sample, we'll send it to our lab partner, LabCorp, for world-class testing. We'll contact you with information and next steps as soon as we get your results.

I have insurance, is my COVID test free?

Many insurance plans cover covid testing when it is deemed medically necessary by CDC guidelines. During your screening your provider will evaluate whether COVID testing is needed and help you understand what your testing options are. Like most doctor visits, virtual screenings are subject to your specific plan rules, including deductibles & co-pays. We recommend calling your insurer to find out exactly what COVID-19 care they cover. If your screening and test are not covered, or if you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for the lab fee of $100, as well as the cost of your virtual visit.

Why do I need to be screened before getting tested?

The FDA requires COVID testing to be prescribed by a medical provider. Since our COVID testing sites are for sample collection only, we provide two easy virtual options to speak with a provider. If you have never been to ZOOM+Care before, we must see you over video to establish a doctor-patient relationship and order your tests. If you have been a patient at ZOOM+Care before, you can chat with us instead!

VideoCare™ (New + Returning Patients)

VideoCare™ screenings may be covered by insurance according to your plan-specific benefits for video visits. Depending on your deductible and your insurer’s policy for COVID, you may be responsible for the insurance-negotiated rate for a doctor's visit, which can range from $95-$175. If you are uninsured, your VideoCare visit is just $75.

ChatCare™ (Returning Patients Only)

If you're a returning patient, you can be screened through ChatCare™. Chat with a ZOOM+Care provider instantly for just $25–with or without insurance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about how testing works at ZOOM+Care or what types of tests are provided? Check out our FAQs for more information.

Looking for the COVID Vaccine?

Check out our COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for the latest information on the vaccine rollout and when it will be available at ZOOM+Care.