Prescriptions, Labs, Vaccines and other Add Ons

Prescription Medications

ZOOM+Care clinics have over 100 over-the-counter and prescription medicines in stock.

Half of our medicines are $10 or less, and 5 out of 6 are under $20. We carry generics– that means no brand name markup and no relationship to big pharma, so we're only looking out for you.

Antibiotics Antifungals
Antivirals Antidepressants
Anti-anxiety meds Cardiovascular medicines
Cough medicines Pain medicines (non-narcotic)
Muscle relaxers Anti-inflammatories

ZOOM+Care Store

In the ZOOM+Care Store we provide ZOOM+Care patients both brand name and generic over-the-counter medicines to treat the conditions outlined below. We also carry some items like thermometers, band-aids, heat wraps, and Neti-Pots.

Allergy Cough/cold
Digestive health Skin care
Eye drops / ear drops / nasal sprays

Lab Tests

Strep, flu, urine, pregnancy, and more. Prices do not include the cost of an office visit.
Strep Test $50
Urine Test (Basic) $20
Mono (Mononucleosis) $20
TB (Tuberculosis) $20
Pregnancy $20
Influenza A & B (a combined test) $40

Vaccinations and Injections

Flu shots, tetanus, hepatitis B, toradol, and more.

These items are charged in addition to the cost of your visit. If a vaccination does not require a full medical visit, you only pay for the vaccination

Flu shots* $35
TD (Tetanus, diphtheria booster) $74
Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis booster) $84
Hepatitis B series (3 shots) $99 per shot
Adult Hepatitis A series (2 shots) $115 per shot
HPV (Human Papillomavirus, 3 shots) $225 per shot
Kenalog $55
Phenergan $55
Toradol $55
Ceftriaxone $60
Diphenylhydramine $50
Depo-Provera $90
Ondansetron (Zofran) $4
*Insured patients subject to contract price.  

Pediatric Vaccine Pricing  
DTap $169
Hep B peds $80
Hib $79
Hep A peds $115
MMR $205
MCV4 (Meningococcal polysaccharide) $234
Pneumococcus $257
RV (rotavirus) $168
Varicella $162
Polio $147
HPV (Gardisal) $225

Medical Equipment

Braces, splints, slings and things.

Prices do not include the cost of an office visit.

Arm & Hand  
Comfort Sling $20
Comfort Wrist Support $25
Elastic Wrist Support $25
Shoulder Immobilizer $20
Splint: Aluminum $15
Splint: Frog Pad $35
Splint: Stax $15
Splint: Spica $35

Leg & Foot  
Ankle Stabilizer $30
Cam-Walker Boot $115
Crutches $35
Hinged Knee Brace $80
Open Patella Knee Brace $20
Post Op Shoe $20