DSU Peterbilt & GMC selects ZoomCare Direct for its self-insured employee health plan

Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Source: ZoomCare
DSU Peterbilt & GMC selects ZoomCare Direct for its self-insured employee health plan

DSU Peterbilt & GMC is a 67 year old family owned company based in Swan Island in Portland, Oregon, with locations in Medford, Oregon and Kelso, Washington. DSU has long been known as the Pacific Northwest's leading truck dealer and service provider. Now, DSU is gaining a reputation for its innovative approach to employee health - selecting ZoomCare Direct to administer its self-insured health plan for its 180 employees and 400 beneficiaries.

Many businesses with over 100 employees find that a partially self-insured health plan provides increased flexibility to serve the diverse needs of their workforces while saving money. ZoomCare Direct blends ZoomCare's deep healthcare expertise with health plan administrative services to offer employers a simple, affordable way to set up a self-insured health plan that boosts employee health and drives down costs. ZoomCare Direct features easy access to ZoomCare primary care, urgent care and specialist care, plus a wide selection of leading doctors and hospitals. With ZoomCare Direct, DSU employees enjoy: 1) $10 primary care and urgent care visits, 2) free online visits, 3) workplace health services, and 4) member support 365 days per year.

"We're trying to improve the health of our employees while controlling our costs," said Jan Yost, CEO of DSU Peterbilt & GMC. "ZoomCare's innovative plan gives our employees access to affordable care and a choice of great providers. At the same time, we're able to lower our overall healthcare spending and have a clearer picture on the drivers of these costs."

"I'm thrilled that DSU has selected ZoomCare Direct. Its leadership recognizes that the path to affordable healthcare is not through shifting costs to employees but rather through investing in keeping their team healthy, providing on-demand access to primary care services that keep people out of the ER, by carefully managing chronic disease, using specialist services judiciously, and by reducing wasteful administrative costs. When employers like DSU partner with healthcare providers, they get more value for their healthcare dollar, resulting in a healthier and more inspired workforce and a stronger financial position," said Dave Sanders, MD, CEO of ZoomCare.

ZoomCare is based in Portland, Oregon and is a privately-held company started in 2006 by David Sanders M.D. and Albert DiPiero M.D. ZoomCare Direct is a third-party administrator licensed in the State of Oregon. For more information visit ZoomCare.com, ZoomCare Direct and Facebook.com/ZoomCare.

For more information visit ZoomCare.com, ZoomCare Direct and our FaceBook page.

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