Hannah the Pet Society Chooses ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance

Date: Thursday, July 16, 2015
Source: ZOOM+

ZOOM+, the innovator of on-demand healthcare and Performance Health Insurance, announced today that the Portland-based company Hannah the Pet Society has selected ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance. Hannah, known for it's own innovative model for pet care, stated that it was attracted to ZOOM+ because of its innovative approach to health insurance and focus on delivering an on-demand retail experience that enhances human performance.

"With the ZOOM+ model of healthcare, we see a like-minded company with whom we share core values of innovation and community," said Will Novak, DVM, President and CEO of Hannah the Pet Society. "We were impressed not only with the complete set of services ZOOM+ delivers, but on the integration of Performance Health Insurance with food and movement, and health training services that help people take control of their health. ZOOM+ is the future of healthcare and we want our employees to be among the first on board."

Hannah the Pet Society employees will have unlimited access to all ZOOM+ services, including expanded access to telemedicine through ZOOM+Video, ZOOM+Smile three-in-one dental exam, cleaning and whitening launched in June, 2015, and soon-to-launch services in advanced, specialist, emergency and surgical care.

"Hannah the Pet Society has pioneered a new way to care for the pet members of a family, and their groundbreaking all-inclusive approach to pet care makes them a perfect partner for ZOOM+," said Dave Sanders, M.D., co-founder and CEO of ZOOM+. "Like Hannah the Pet Society, ZOOM+ represents a new generation of healthcare, designed from the ground up to be used every day to help people on their journey to better health."

About ZOOM+

ZOOM+, the Portland-based innovator of on-demand healthcare, is creating the nation's first health insurance system built from the ground up to enhance human performance. By seamlessly combining the security of traditional health insurance with membership-based brain, cellular and strength/stamina training and coaching, ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance is empowering people to reach their full potential. Co-founded in 2006 in Portland, Oregon by healthcare entrepreneurs David Sanders, M.D., and Albert DiPiero, M.D., ZOOM+ (formerly called ZoomCare) was built on the promise of delivering "Twice the Health At Half the Cost With Ten Times the Delight." ZOOM+ is a privately held company currently operating 26 neighborhood clinics in Portland, Vancouver and Seattle. ZOOM+ was selected one of the most admired healthcare companies in Oregon in 2014 and has been a finalist for the Oregon Entrepreneur Network's Growth Company of the Year. Dave Sanders was an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Award winner in the Pacific Northwest.

ZOOM+ has been responsible for many retail healthcare firsts. The company built the first mobile online scheduler with same-day access to more than 500 no-wait appointments; created the innovative neighborhood retail clinic format; invented the "Magic Minute" and "Painless Procedure;" helped pass legislation allowing clinics to provide prescription medications and for video medical visits to be paid for by insurance companies; published transparent prices on the website; offered convenient office hours 365 days a year, in some cases until midnight.

For additional information about ZOOM+, please visit ZoomCare.com and our Facebook page.

About Hannah the Pet Society

Hannah the Pet Society opened in 2010 with a mission to improve people-pet relationships and reduce the number of Pets who are abandoned or relinquished to shelters. They offer the Total Lifetime Care & Companionship (TLC) Plan, an all-inclusive program including veterinary care, home-delivered food and supplies, behavior training and support all for a set monthly fee. The TLC Plan is available to anyone who already has a dog, cat, guinea pig or rabbit or who receives a Pet through Hannah's Lifetime Matching Program. Members pay a one-time joining fee and then a low monthly plan fee in exchange for complete veterinary care as well as pet food delivery and behavior support. The company also provides ongoing donations to the shelters and nonprofit animal welfare organizations for dogs and cats placed through their facilities. Hannah's pet placement centers are located in Clackamas Town Center and Washington Square, and the company's health and education facilities are in Southeast Portland and Tigard. For more information, please visit www.hannahsociety.com.

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