ZoomCare Announces 28 Location On-demand Neighborhood Health Campus

Date: Monday, March 2, 2015
Source: ZoomCare
ZoomOndemand Neighborhood Health Campus Map (click to see larger)

Offering Primary Through Specialist Care All Ondemand.

ZoomCare announced today the next phase ofits planto remake American healthcare. Zoom will expand its Portland on-demand neighborhood health campus to include 28 neighborhood clinics and advanced care studios delivering urgent care, primary care, advanced self-care, pediatrics, mental health, emergency services, specialty care and outpatient surgery. With its new neighborhood campus, Zoom will provide on-demand access to almost all healthcare needs outside ofhospitalization.

"2015 is the year we bring our visionto reality. We're building a modern on-demand neighborhood health campus from the ground up with people at the center," said Dave Sanders, MD, Zoom's Co-founder and CEO. "We started with our on-demand neighborhood storefronts. Now we're adding complete on-demandcarefrom supercharged self-care and primary care, to emergency, specialists and surgery. Delivering more completeon-demand care will enable us to deliver on our promise of twice/half/ten: twice the health, half the price, ten times the delight."

"Our on-demand neighborhood clinics changed the doctor's visit forever," stated Steve McCallion, ZoomCare Chief Member Officer and Creative Director. "Now we're giving people radical access and control of their preventive and advanced care. With our new on-demand neighborhood health campus, Zoom is changing the industry and creating new care and economicmodels for healthcare."

ZoomCareis building the world's first neighborhood and mobile healthcare platform. These nine new neighborhoodlocations are added tothe current 19neighborhood healthcare clinics in Portland, linked by the ZoomCare engineered technology platform that seamlessly connects its members and providers.

ZoomOndemand Neighborhood Health Campus

The Zoom OnDemand Neighborhood Health Campus includes 19 Current Portland Area Neighborhood Clinics, plus the following 9 new services:

Zoom+Super - OnDemand, Emergency Care for 1/10th the ER Price.
Summer 2015

Neighborhood: Inner East Side/ Convention Center
607 NE Grand Ave

Zoom+Surgery - OnDemand One-hour Surgery
Winter 2015

Neighborhood: Inner East Side/Convention Center
107 NE Grand Ave

Zoom+Specialists - OnDemand Specialist Care in Your Neighborhood.
Fall 2015

Neighborhood: NE Broadway
606 NE Broadway

Zoom+Vibes- Olympian Training for All.
Summer 2015

Neighborhood: North Pearl
10th & NW Lovejoy

Zoom+Prime - OnDemand Holistic Health to Prevent and Cure Chronic Disease.
Summer 2015

Neighborhood: Hollywood
33rd & NE Broadway

Zoom+Kids - Discovery Center for Parenting Awesome Kids.
Summer 2015

Neighborhood: Beaumont
43rd & NE Fremont

Zoom+Smile - OnDemand Healthy, Clean White Teeth.
Spring 2015

Neighborhood: Division
33rd & SE Division

Zoom+Care - OnDemand Illness, Injury and Well Visits In Your Neighborhood.
Fall 2015

Neighborhood: St. Johns
8157 N. Lombard

Zoom+Care - OnDemand Illness, Injury and Well Visits In Your Neighborhood.
Spring 2015

Neighborhood: Central Vancouver
2510 Columbia House Blvd., Suite 107
Vancouver, WA 98661

Note to Reporters:
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ZoomCare is changing the healthcare industry forever by delivering on its promise of twice the health at half the price and ten times the delight. Zoom is building the nation's first on-demand neighborhood health campus accessible from your phone. The Zoom OnDemand Neighborhood Health Campus combined with the Zoom Health Plan will make healthcare more accessible, more complete, and more affordable. (The Oregon Insurance Division has issued a Certificate of Authority to Zoom Health Plan, Inc to provide health insurance in Oregon.)

Established in 2006, ZoomCare currently operates neighborhood clinics in Portland and Seattle. Zoom has been responsible for many industry firsts including building the first mobile online scheduler with same-day access to over 500 no-wait appointments; creating the innovative neighborhood retail clinic format; inventing the "Magic Minute" and "Painless Procedure"; developing staffing models that give providers 3 days off every week; passing legislation to allow clinics to provide prescription medications; and publishing transparent prices on its website; staying open 365 days a year and until midnight in some neighborhoods. Zoom was selected one of the most admired healthcare companies in Oregon in 2014 and a finalist for the Oregon Entrepreneur Network's Growth Company of the Year.

For additional information about ZoomCare, please visit ZoomCare.com and our FaceBook page.

ZoomOndemand Neighborhood Health Campus Map

ZoomOndemand Neighborhood Health Campus(temporary construction wraps)










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