ZOOM+Care Employer Program

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You love ZOOM+Care. So will your employees.

We help you deliver quality, convenient healthcare to your workforce while supporting key business needs: lowering costs, improving employee health, and increasing satisfaction and productivity.

Healthier employees, healthier business.

ZOOM+Care offers comprehensive solutions to keep your employees engaged in their health and well-being—all while keeping your company costs down. We work side by side with you to create a high-quality healthcare offering, custom-built for your organization's needs.

COVID-19 support

We give you the tools you need to bring your team back to work safely: virtual screening, convenient testing, comprehensive reporting, and more.

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Virtual care

Telehealth makes it easy for your employees to stay on top of their health. Through phone, chat, and video, they can get care when (and where) they need it most.

Neighborhood Clinics

When employees need in-person care, we've got them covered. With 49 clinics located across Oregon and Washington, they never have to travel far to see a provider.

The Employee Experience

When you choose ZOOM+Care, you're choosing a benefit your employees will actually use. ZOOM+Care® is the leading provider of on-demand retail and digital healthcare in the Pacific Northwest. We're disruptors, working hard to make the healthcare system better for both patients and employers.

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