ZoomCare Foundation

ZoomCare believes that good health makes people happier and more productive. They live longer, enjoy life and contribute to their communities in immeasurable ways. ZoomCare provides great care at an affordable price, yet some people need a little extra help now and then. ZoomCare created the ZoomCare Foundation to fill that need.

The ZoomCare Foundation supports ZoomCare Free Nights--free clinic appointments from 6-9pm PT at ZoomCare’s Mississippi Avenue clinic. A full scheduled of these events is available in the calendar below.

Who’s eligible for ZoomCare Free Nights?

We treat anyone from 0-120 years old who cannot afford a regular ZoomCare visit.

How much does an appointment Cost?

Zero, Nada. Nothing. It’s free.

How can I make an appointment for ZoomCare Free Nights?

We will see patients from 6-9pm. Appointments will be scheduled at the clinic on a first come-first served basis beginning at 5:45pm. When a patient arrives at the clinic, he/she will be registered for a 15 minute visit with a ZoomCare Provider. The patient may leave the clinic and return at his or her appointment time, or choose to wait in the lobby. Please bring a photo ID. No other documentation is required.

What do we treat on ZoomCare Free Nights?

Acute illnesses and injuries, such as coughs and colds, urinary tract infections, minor wounds and rashes.

What don’t we treat on ZoomCare Free Nights?

We don’t diagnose or treat STDs. We also don’t provide x-rays or prescribe narcotics. Other third-party clinics and resources in our neighborhoods provide these services for free. See our list of partner clinics for more details.

What about tests during ZoomCare Free Nights?

We can handle tests for urinary tract infection, strep throat, influenza, mononucleosis, sugar problems and pregnancy - these tests will cost the patient $0 through our ZoomLab. If we’re unable to perform the test, we can send to outside lab vendors, but there will be a cost to the patient. We cannot test for STDs or do biopsies, nor do we handle x-rays to check for broken bones.

What kind of medications can I get on ZoomCare Free Nights?

We can dispense many common medications like antibiotics. Medications that are stocked in clinic are free during ZoomCare Free Nights. If a medication is not available at our clinic, we’ll write a prescription to a local pharmacy and try to maintain a $4 prescription cost. Please note: we don’t prescribe narcotics.

What if I need follow-up treatment?

Schedule an appointment for your preferred clinic at zoomcare.com. Pricing for non-Free Nights appointments is available on our Services & Prices page.