ZOOM+Care Foundation

Our goal is to make great healthcare more affordable, accessible, and complete. We started the ZOOM+Care foundation to provide care to members of our community who might otherwise not have access to adequate healthcare. The ZOOM+Care Foundation supports ZOOM+Care Free Nights–free clinic appointments from 6-9pm at the ZOOM+Care Mississippi Avenue Clinic. Below is a full schedule of ZOOM+Care Free Nights.

Who’s eligible for ZOOM+Care Free Nights?

We treat anyone from 0-120 years old who cannot afford a regular ZOOM+Care visit.

How much does an appointment Cost?

Zero, Nada. Nothing. It’s free.

How can I make an appointment for ZOOM+Care Free Nights?

We will see patients from 6-9pm. Appointments will be scheduled at the clinic on a first come-first served basis beginning at 5:45pm. When a patient arrives at the clinic, he/she will be registered for a 15 minute visit with a ZOOM+Care Provider. The patient may leave the clinic and return at his or her appointment time, or choose to wait in the lobby. Please bring a photo ID. No other documentation is required.

What do we treat on ZOOM+Care Free Nights?

Acute illnesses and injuries, such as coughs and colds, urinary tract infections, minor wounds and rashes.

What don’t we treat on ZOOM+Care Free Nights?

We don’t diagnose or treat STDs. We also don’t provide x-rays or prescribe narcotics. Other third-party clinics and resources in our neighborhoods provide these services for free. See our list of partner clinics for more details.

What about tests during ZOOM+Care Free Nights?

We can handle tests for urinary tract infection, strep throat, influenza, mononucleosis, sugar problems and pregnancy - these tests will cost the patient $0 through our ZOOM+Lab. If we’re unable to perform the test, we can send to outside lab vendors, but there will be a cost to the patient. We cannot test for STDs or do biopsies, nor do we handle x-rays to check for broken bones.

What kind of medications can I get on ZOOM+Care Free Nights?

We can dispense many common medications like antibiotics. Medications that are stocked in clinic are free during ZOOM+Care Free Nights. If a medication is not available at our clinic, we’ll write a prescription to a local pharmacy and try to maintain a $4 prescription cost. Please note: we don’t prescribe narcotics.

What if I need follow-up treatment?

Schedule an appointment for your preferred clinic at zoomcare.com. Pricing for non-Free Nights appointments is available on our Services & Prices page.