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Bladder Infection

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Symptoms of

Bladder Infection

A bladder infection is a specific type of urinary tract infection (UTI). Both infections share similar symptoms:

  • Abdomen pressure and/or pain
  • Burning while urinating
  • Cloudy or bloody urine
  • Fever
  • Frequent need to urinate, but little comes out

Causes of

Bladder Infection

Bladder infections occur when bacteria enter your urinary tract. If you get bacteria from your colon into your urethra (for example, due to back-to-front wiping), you may contract a bladder infection. Women are at greater risk of contracting both bladder infections and UTIs due to having shorter urethras.

Should I be worried?

Bladder infections and UTIs are common, and they won’t clear up on their own without medication. Schedule a ZOOM+Care visit if you’re experiencing any bladder infection symptoms, and a doctor will figure out what’s going on.

Certain medical conditions increase your risk of infection, including an enlarged prostate, a narrow urethra, and diabetes.

In men, age can be a factor. Over time the prostate gets bigger, which slows the flow of urine and increases the risk of bladder infection.

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Bladder Infection

Prevention Tips:

Consider these tips to help prevent bladder infections:

  • Stay hydrated. Frequent urination flushes any bacteria hanging out in your urinary tract, which can otherwise travel up your bladder.
  • Follow the "front to back" rule. Improper wiping is a major cause of bacteria entering your bladder.
  • Go easy on the toiletries. Some soaps, powders, and hygiene sprays can agitate your urinary tract and encourage bacterial infections.

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