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App Support

How can I get support for the ZOOM+Care app on iOS or Android?

Visits By Phone

Can I speak with a provider on the phone??

Social Distancing

With social distancing in place, do I still come into the lobby to check in?
Can I bring a parent, child, or friend with me?
Can I wear my own mask into the clinic?

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What are the most common symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
How is COVID-19 spread?
How do I prevent the spread of COVID-19?


How does VideoCare™ work at Zoom?
Who will I be talking to during the VideoCare™ Visit?
If I still need an in-person visit after my VideoCare™ Visit, will I be charged twice?

COVID-19 Antibody

Are antibody tests credible?
How much do these tests cost?
How do I know if I'm eligible for an antibody test?


What kind of treatment will I be prescribed over ChatCare?
What conditions are commonly discussed through ChatCare?
What conditions require an in-clinic visit to be treated?


How do I schedule a visit?
How do I schedule a visit for my kids?
How can I download your app?

Billing and Insurance

What is a Visit Receipt?
Why do I have an outstanding balance?
Why is my Visit Receipt an estimate?

What We Treat

Do you test and treat STI/STDs?
Do you do drug testing and screening?
Can I get an IUD at ZOOM+Care?

Mental Health (Oregon Only)

How do I use ZOOM+Care for my Mental Health care?
I think I have ADD or ADHD. Can Zoom help me?
Does ZOOM+Care prescribe benzodiazepines?


How do I follow-up with my ZOOM+Care Doctor?
What is the Perfect Visit®?
I missed taking my antibiotics. What should I do next?

Medical Provider Questions

How do I contact ZOOM+Care if I'm a medical provider?
What is ZOOM+Care Health Insurance Electronic Payor ID?
What is ZOOM+Care's NPI and Tax ID?

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