ZOOM+Care Online Help

App Support

How can I get support for the ZOOM+Care app on iOS or Android?

Visits By Phone

Can I speak with a provider on the phone??


How does VideoCare™ work at Zoom?
Who will I be talking to during the VideoCare™ Visit?
If I still need an in-person visit after my VideoCare™ Visit, will I be charged twice?

COVID-19 Basics

What are the most common symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
How is COVID-19 spread?
How do I prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Viral COVID-19 Testing

How does viral COVID-19 Testing work at Zoom?
Are viral COVID-19 tests credible?
What type of test does ZOOM+Care use?

COVID-19 Antibody

What is antibody testing?
What are the benefits of antibody testing?
Are antibody tests credible?

Visiting a Clinic during COVID-19

With social distancing in place, should I still come into the lobby to check in?
Can I bring a parent, child, or friend with me?
Can I wear my own mask into the clinic?

COVID-19 Vaccine

Who will get the vaccine first? Will there be priority allocation?
How long does the vaccine last?
Do we know how effective the vaccine is?


What kind of treatment will I be prescribed over ChatCare?
What conditions are commonly discussed through ChatCare?
What conditions require an in-clinic visit to be treated?


How do I schedule a visit?
How do I schedule a visit for my kids?
How can I download your app?

Billing and Insurance

What is a Visit Receipt?
Why do I have an outstanding balance?
Why is my Visit Receipt an estimate?

What We Treat

Do you test and treat STI/STDs?
Do you do drug testing and screening?
Can I get an IUD at ZOOM+Care?

Mental Health

How do I use ZOOM+Care for my Mental Health care?
I think I have ADD or ADHD. Can Zoom help me?
Does ZOOM+Care prescribe benzodiazepines?


How do I follow-up with my ZOOM+Care Doctor?
What is the Perfect Visit®?
I missed taking my antibiotics. What should I do next?

Medical Provider Questions

How do I contact ZOOM+Care if I'm a medical provider?
What is ZOOM+Care Health Insurance Electronic Payor ID?
What is ZOOM+Care's NPI and Tax ID?