ChatCare FAQs

What kind of treatment will I be prescribed over ChatCare?
What conditions are commonly discussed through ChatCare?
What conditions require an in-clinic visit to be treated?
Can you treat kids through ChatCare?
Can I get antibiotics through ChatCare?
I logged on to ChatCare and didn't get connected with a doctor. Will I still get charged?
Can I get my medication refills through ChatCare?
Can I bill insurance when using ChatCare?
I was referred to a visit through ChatCare, do I still have to pay for chat?
Can I submit my invoice from ChatCare for reimbursement through my insurance company?
I'm traveling and need to follow-up about my last visit. Can I use ChatCare?
I'm in Washington. Can I use ChatCare?
What do I do if ChatCare is closed or busy?
Can I get billing and insurance help by chatting ChatCare?
Can I get a new prescription through ChatCare?