What We Treat FAQs

Do you test and treat STI/STDs?
Do you do drug testing and screening?
Can I get an IUD at ZOOM+Care?
I need birth control. Where should I schedule?
Does Zoom offer children's wellness visits
What can I expect during my Annual Wellness Visit?
Do you treat kids and minors?
How do labs and tests work at Zoom?
Can I get a flu shot at Zoom?
How do I get my vaccination records?
Can I get vaccinations at Zoom?
Can I get travel vaccinations at Zoom?
I need a DOT, FAA, or USCIS Immigration Physical. Can you take care of that?
Where do I go to get my wart removed?
Can I get my PPD/TB/Tuberculosis test at Zoom?
Can you treat chronic pain?
Do you prescribe controlled substances, opioids, narcotics?
Do you prescribe medical marijuana?
Do you prescribe service animals?
How can I get a doctors note about my recent ZOOM+Care Visit?
What if I have an Emergency- where will you send me?
Where will I get my labs, tests, and x-rays done?