Troubleshooting FAQs

How do I follow-up with my ZOOM+Care Doctor?
What is the Perfect Visit®?
I missed taking my antibiotics. What should I do next?
How do I get my lab results?
I don't see all my records in my timeline. How do I access them?
How do I transfer my prescription to another pharmacy?
My prescription isn't correct. How do I get help?
I need paperwork filled out about my care. How do I send it to my provider?
I'm locked out of my online account. How can I reset my password?
How can I view or access my medical records?
I'm at the pharmacy. Where is my prescription?
Why do I have a $99 charge from ZOOM+Care?
I was referred to a doctor who can't see me for weeks. What can I do next?
Will I be charged if ZOOM+Care cancelled my visit?
What should I do if I have a question or concern about privacy and security?
How do I find a diagnosis code (ICD10) or a procedure code (CPT)?
Who can I talk to about a problem I had with my visit?
Can I view my child's medical record?
I have two accounts with two different email addresses. How can I sync them?
How can I verify my employee's doctor note is valid?