ZOOM+Care Services & Prices

Don't have insurance? No Problem.

Zoom has clear and transparent uninsured prices.

Here's how it works:

  • Enter your credit card when scheduling online or with the iOS app.
  • Bring your photo ID to your visit
  • During the visit you'll see additional charges for labs and medications.
  • You will pay for the office visit and any medications or tests before you leave.
  • Your receipt will update on your Timeline.

Note: If your insurance company isn't able to verify your benefits, we'll collect the total cost of your visit at the time of your visit and send you a refund once we receive payment from your insurance company (typically 30 to 45 business days).


Uninsured Price

Digital Care

Uninsured Price:$25

Urgent Care

Uninsured Price:$165

Primary Care

Uninsured Price:$275
Uninsured Price:$229

Emergency Care

Uninsured Price:$549


Uninsured Price:$229
Uninsured Price:$229
Uninsured Price:$325
Uninsured Price:$325
Uninsured Price:$325
Uninsured Price:$325
Uninsured Price:$325

Body Works

Uninsured Price:$149 - $332
Uninsured Price:$61 - $183
Uninsured Price:$61
Uninsured Price:$119
Uninsured Price:$69
Uninsured Price:$45 Per Unit (15-minutes)


Uninsured Price:$59
Uninsured Price:$229
Uninsured Price:$349


Uninsured Price:$75
Uninsured Price:$175 per cavity
Uninsured Price:$50

[] Additional Notes:

Medications, Tests and Services

Prescription Medications
Uninsured Price:Details
Lab Tests
Uninsured Price:Details
Vaccinations and Injections
Uninsured Price:Details
Medical Supplies
Uninsured Price:Details
Interpretation Services
Uninsured Price:$0/visit

[] Additional Notes:

ZOOM+Care is in network for most insurance plans. Copay, Coinsurance,and/or Deducitble is based on each individual insurance plan. Contact your insurance company for any questions about coverage. Please note that ZOOM+Care does not accept Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Tricare, or the Oregon Health Plan. ZOOM+Care does not accept cash or checks. A debit or credit card is required to make a reservation and payment.

ZOOM+Care makes every attempt to verify a patient's insurance benefits prior to the end of their visit. If an insurance company is unable to verify benefits, ZOOM+Care will collect the full amount of the visit at checkout and issue a refund if necessary.

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