ZOOM+ Launches On-Demand Performance Primary Care

Date: Monday, August 31, 2015
Source: ZOOM+

ZOOM+, the innovator of on-demand healthcare and Performance Health Insurance, announced today its radical approach to primary care with the opening of the first-of-its-kind ZOOM+Performance Lab at 945 NW Lovejoy Street in the heart ofPortland'sPearl District.

ZOOM+Performance Primary Care is for people who want to optimize their human performance using food, movement and relationship as medicine. It represents the next generation of healthcare, moving beyond episodic treatment of sickness and mandated "wellness" programs, towards human performance. The ZOOM+Performance primary care sequence includes in-person assessments and labs with a board-certified naturopathic physician at the ZOOM+Performance Lab, and on-going medical coaching via video and email.

The ZOOM+Performance Lab provides radical access to cell, brain and body assessments typically available to elite athletes and corporate executives. The Performance Lab includes VO2Max IQ, Neuroagility, Brain Training, and Body Composition assessments. It includes a fully-functional test kitchen and an open floor area for movement coaching.

"We're seeing industry consolidation on a massive scale, forcing individuals into anonymous, mass-market healthcare where they see providers as little as possible," saysDave Sanders, MD, co-founder and CEO of ZOOM+. "At ZOOM+ we're doing the opposite. We're personalizing primary care down to the cellular level, and designing it to be used every day to help people reach their fullest potential."

At its core is the Baseline Performance Assessment, a new type of annual physical exam employing high level assessment tools typically reserved for health optimization programsat top medical institutions for the highest-performing athletes and Fortune 500 corporate executives. With ZOOM+Performance, performance healthcare, incorporating empirical evidence on longevity, food, movement, relationships and brain science, is available to everyone.

The three-part, 60-minute exam consists of the following:

  • All Systems Go -- a functional lab assessment that goes deeper than the standard.
  • Baseline Assessment -- Body composition, brain fitness, neuroagility and Vo2max IQ testing to measure maximum physical exertion with focus and memory, core techniques for performance such as stamina and physical agility, cellular and metabolic performance, strength and response to stress.
  • Performance Coaching -- a customized performance improvement program incorporating traditional and nontraditional medicine, food, movement and relationships.

The Baseline Performance Assessment is available free of charge for ZOOM+Performance Health Insurance members. Non-members can self-pay at $250 or have the fee covered by another health insurance plan.

ZOOM+Performance is one of three primary care platforms offered by ZOOM+, all based on three components: cloud-based medical care, and coaching and classes at ZOOM+ Health Training Centers. The two other platforms will be offered in early Fall, 2015.

In May, 2015 ZoomCare became ZOOM+ and transformed from an on-demand care provider to a complete healthcare system with health insurance built in. ZOOM+Performance goes beyond what is traditionally offered in healthcare delivery systems, and will play a critical role in preventing the chronic illnesses that require costly interventions among ZOOM+ customers.

About ZOOM+
ZOOM+, the Portland-based innovator of on-demand healthcare, is creating the nation's first health insurance system built from the ground up to enhance human performance. By seamlessly combining the security of traditional health insurance with membership-based brain, cellular and strength/stamina training and coaching, ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance is empowering people to reach their full potential. Co-founded in 2006 in Portland, Oregon by healthcare entrepreneurs David Sanders, M.D., and Albert DiPiero, M.D., ZOOM+ (formerly called ZoomCare) was built on the promise of delivering "Twice the Health At Half the Cost With Ten Times the Delight." ZOOM+ is a privately held company currently operating 26 neighborhood clinics in Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle. ZOOM+ was selected one of the most admired healthcare companies in Oregon in 2014 and has been a finalist for the Oregon Entrepreneur Network's Growth Company of the Year. Dave Sanders was an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Award winner in the Pacific Northwest.

ZOOM+ has been responsible for many retail healthcare firsts. The company built the first mobile online scheduler with same-day access to more than 500 no-wait appointments; created the innovative neighborhood retail clinic format; invented the "Magic Minute" and "Painless Procedure;" helped pass legislation allowing clinics to provide prescription medications and for video medical visits to be paid for by insurance companies; published transparent prices on the website; offered convenient office hours 365 days a year, in some cases until midnight.

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