ZoomCare Becomes ZOOM+ and Launches Complete Performance-Based Health Insurance System

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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ZoomCare Becomes ZOOM+ and Launches Complete Performance-Based Health Insurance System

The ZOOM+ System includes ZOOM+Mobile, which allows members to schedule exams, track progress, and manage health records on their phone.HILLSBORO, Ore. -- ZoomCare, the Portland-based innovator of on-demand health care, today becomes ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance, the first complete system of care designed from the ground up to improve human performance.
"Nine years ago, we started with a simple idea to deliver a disruptive, delightful care experience that delivers twice the health at half the cost. Our ZoomCare clinics were very successful, but we encountered inherent friction in the system that inspired us to rethink the way all care is delivered," says Dave Sanders, M.D., co-founder and CEO of ZOOM+. "ZOOM+ represents a new generation of health insurance, one that is not based on sickness, nor even on wellness, but on enhancing human performance. It is designed from the ground up to be used everyday to help people be happier and more creative and productive."
This shift from a single service to a whole system represents a new dawn in healthcare. Until now, people only used insurance when they were sick. ZOOM+ is designed to be used every day for people who want to achieve their human potential.
The ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance System is the nation's first health insurance system designed from the ground up to enhance human performance. It provides the security of traditional health insurance with unique performance enhancing services only available at ZOOM+.
ZOOM+Members get access to ZOOM+ performance enhancing services including, but not limited to the following:
  • Free personal brain trainer at ZOOM+Brain
  • Free olympian-level circuit training at ZOOM+Performance
  • Free food and movement as medicine classes at ZOOM+Prime
  • Free parenting coaching and parent partner hotline ZOOM+Kids
  • Free Healthy Clean White 57 at ZOOM+Smile
  • Earn free green juice and brain food
The ZOOM+ System consists of five components:
1. ZOOM+Plans
ZOOM+ is built on a rock-solid insurance core by a team of health insurance professionals with more than 300 years of experience. ZOOM+Plans provide complete health coverage including unlimited access to ZOOM+ urgent, primary and specialist care; and blue carpet service to ZOOM+Partner Providers including hospital care through OHSU, Providence and Legacy.
ZOOM+Plans are easy to buy and available in three different payment options:
ZOOM+Zero - A zero deductible plan allows people to pay a little as they go. ZOOM+ pays from the start too.
ZOOM+100 - A deductible plan where people pay 100% until their max. Then ZOOM+ pays.
ZOOM+GOV - The federally mandated bronze, silver and gold plan. People pay a bit as they go and ZOOM+ pays sooner.
All ZOOM+Plans include:
2. ZOOM+Mobile
ZOOM+Mobile allows members to access all their health from their phone. Members can schedule exams and coaching sessions, track progress, and manage health records at www.zoomcare.com.
3. ZOOM+Paths
Members start by creating a Personal Performance Path with a ZOOM+ health coach. ZOOM+ coaches and trainers assess brain, cellular and physical health, and prescribe food and movement as medicine to help members achieve their performance goals.
4. ZOOM+Places
ZOOM+Members have access to complete urgent, primary, specialist care including hospital partners OHSU, Providence and Legacy. Care is provided by the talented team of ZOOM+ MDs, NDs, NPs, and PAs who have been selected based on rigorous testing, openness to on-going performance reviews, and commitment to continuous learning. ZOOM+Partners have been selected based on the same criteria.
5. ZOOM+Guru
Members get access to a ZOOM+Guru or Personal Health Assistant. Guru's help members schedule care, provide benefit and troubleshooting support and help coordinate follow up care.
ZOOM+ launches with a communications campaign reflecting the change to ZOOM+. In tandem with the launch of this new system, ZOOM+ will open its first On-Demand ZOOM+Smile Studio on June 1 at 3130 S.E. Division Street in Portland, Oregon. ZOOM+Smile features the Healthy Clean White 57 - a three-in-one complete dental exam, cleaning and whitening in 57 minutes, and the Healthy Clean Jr. for kids.
About ZOOM+
ZOOM+, the Portland-based innovator of on-demand healthcare, is creating the nation's first health insurance system built from the ground up to enhance human performance. By seamlessly combining the security of traditional health insurance with membership-based brain, cellular and strength/stamina training and coaching, ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance is empowering people to reach their full potential. Co-founded in 2006 in Portland, Oregon by healthcare entrepreneurs David Sanders, M.D., and Albert DiPiero, M.D., ZOOM+ (formerly called ZoomCare) was built on the promise of delivering "Twice the Health At Half the Cost With Ten Times the Delight." ZOOM+ is a privately held company currently operating 26 neighborhood clinics in Portland, Vancouver and Seattle. ZOOM+ was selected one of the most admired healthcare companies in Oregon in 2014 and has been a finalist for the Oregon Entrepreneur Network's Growth Company of the Year.
ZOOM+ has been responsible for many retail healthcare firsts. The company built the first mobile online scheduler with same-day access to more than 500 no-wait appointments; created the innovative neighborhood retail clinic format; invented the "Magic Minute" and "Painless Procedure;" helped pass legislation allowing clinics to provide prescription medications; published transparent prices on the website; offered convenient office hours 365 days a year, in some cases until midnight.
For additional information about ZOOM+, please visit ZoomCare.com and our Facebook page.

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